Saturday, January 09, 2016


Living out on the streets is never easy for a stray cat, but the nameless feline narrator of My Pet Human considers himself lucky to live such a carefree life. With an insider’s knowledge of the best hiding spots and food joints as well as plenty of domesticated, neighborhood critter friends, there’s little incentive for the tuxedo cat to find a pet human of his own. This is particularly the case when he’s already sure the perfect pet human doesn’t exist!

But when a new family moves into town, this street-wise cat is forced to reconsider his roaming ways. Suddenly he’s found someone to feed him lots of treats, give him back rubs, have boxes for him to play in, treat him gently, let him sleep in her lap, and possibly be a faithful companion. Could this little human girl be his perfect pet human?

Author-illustrator Yasmine Surovec is the creator of the Cat versus Human cartoon blog, and her first chapter book for younger readers features appealing comic style illustrations on every page. A cozy new series for pet lovers.

Grades 3+

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