Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Is the sky really falling?  Ask Chicken Little why she’s in a frenzy as she does the mambo.  Well it all started one day when an acorn fell on Chicken Little’s head… and it went downhill from there.  Chicken Little truly believed that the sky was falling, so of course she didn't listen to Squirrel's explanation and created chaos on the farm. 

Chaos meaning all the chickens began to dance; they did the moonwalk, the twist and the waltz.  Soon enough all the other farm animals joined in the dance even though they knew better; the animals even did the hokey-pokey.  It wasn’t long before the clever Fox showed up to stir some trouble. He believed that he could actually fool the animals to come to his den.  Read to find out if the Fox accepts the chickens challenge.

The Sky is Falling by Mark Teague is a hilarious read-a-loud picture book. This is a great twist for a classic tale, teaching the importance of listening skills, especially when creating unnecessary confusion. The illustrations are colorful and cartoon-like.  

Ages 3-5

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