Saturday, January 02, 2016


What would you do if you found a whale in your swimming pool? When a gargantuan whale mysteriously appears in a tiny backyard pool, a young boy employs a series of imaginative tactics to evict the unwanted visitor. To his chagrin, the boy finds the whale completely unmoved by logic, wheedling, bribes, or large crane trucks.

But just as he’s about to throw in the towel for good, the boy has an epiphany: it’s not a sink or swim scenario. There’s an uplifting compromise that will keep both walking on (or splashing in) air. Of course, nap time later introduces a new unbearable challenge.

Joyce Wan’s The Whale in My Swimming Pool is a wacky picture book with appealing cartoon illustrations. There’s no explanation for the whale’s random appearance, but the bizarre set-up only enhances the story’s humorous tone. Share it with fans of Mo Willems' cajoling Pigeon books.

Ages 4+

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