Thursday, January 28, 2016


Kitty is smelly, dirty, and grimy.  Although she uses the traditional technique of licking herself clean, she would benefit from a proper bath in clean, cool aromatic suds. It sounds simply divine, but Kitty would rather not take one. Will she ever take a bath? or will she be content simply licking her fur for cleanliness.  Kitty is neither completely good or bad. She just knows what she wants, and its up to the readers to decide if her reputation as Bad Kitty holds true.

Bad Kitty Gets A Bath is the first chapter book in this series by Nick Bruel.  He introduces a fun loving, smart, and mischievous kitty who is bound to have many fans! For a list of books in the series, visit Novelist K-8.  This resource can be found on our library's website under Articles and Databases, or click on the link:

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