Monday, April 29, 2013


Seamus was always a good kid.  He rarely got into trouble, and never for anything serious.  He was in trouble for things like not cleaning his room or trying to skip out of class 7 minutes early to be in line first for Fish Stick Tuesday.  But now, Seamus is a criminal.  It was all an accident.  He was trying to help when he threw the apple across the cafeteria at Miss Parsippany.  But now there's no bringing Miss Parsippany back, and there's no going back to the life he once knew when his parents drop him off at Kilter Academy, the best reform school in the country.

Little do Seamus' parents know, however, that Kilter doesn't punish trouble-making, they reward it, and in fact encourage and teach the trouble makers of the future.  Too bad Seamus isn't a natural-born trouble maker, despite being Kilter Academy's only Murderer.  Trouble just seems to find him.  To pass his classes though, Seamus must learn to become a trouble maker, and as he does so, he becomes Kilter's star pupil, along with is pyromaniac roommate and new best friend.  Together, they uncover and disrupt the secrets and staff at Kilter Academy in the first Merits of Mischief book, The Bad Apple by T.R. Burns.  This book is good for trouble-makers and aspiring trouble-makers in 6th grade and up.

Friday, April 26, 2013


He's innocent.  Wayne Connelly is innocent of bringing and shooting the gun in the school cafeteria.  Colin knows this because there was frosting all over the gun.  Now he just has to find convince Wayne, his own personal bully since the First Grade, to work with him to find proof of his innocence.  High schooler, Colin has Asperger's Syndrome, a form of auttism, but he knows how to investigate and just like his hero, Sherlock Holmes, he must investigate and solve this mystery.  

Colin Fischer by two local authors, Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz, is a fast read, if one skips all the footnotes.  For readers in 6th-9th grade.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


BOOT AND SHOE are adorable dogs who are quite content with their home life.  They each eat out of the same bowl, relieve themselves on the same tree, and sleep on their respective porches.  When a menacing squirrel interrupts their routines, their day changes from calm to chaotic.  Will Boot and Shoe ever be the same?  MARLA FRAZEE's story and brilliant illustrations will take you on quite an adventure.  How DOES she do it?  For more rollicking adventures, check out ROLLER COASTER.  

For readers of all ages.

Monday, April 22, 2013


A review by Mr. B. of  the Grandview Library Branch: 

Setting dragons free is dangerous work, but in Ruth Stiles Gannett’s My Father’s Dragon, somebody’s gotta do it. That somebody is a little boy named Elmer Elevator; and his story is told in the voice of his very proud son, also a little boy. It all begins when Elmer brings home a stray cat. The cat tells Elmer about a young dragon being held captive and in servitude as the new rapid transit vehicle between the islands of Tangerina and Wild Island. Elmer quickly packs a bag with seemingly random items, and he and the cat are off on an adventure. 

There are many hazards on the road to rescue, but in true folklore tradition, each of the packed items gets the travelers out of trouble just as disaster is about to strike, until the dragon is rescued. This gentle, imaginative, witty Newbery Honor (1949) adventure is suitable for episodic read-aloud times, at home or in the classroom.

For readers ages 5-10.  

Thursday, April 18, 2013


We're having a book launch with Janet and Jake Tashijian at the Central Library on MAY 8th at 4PM.   Co-host and local bookstore, Once Upon a Time will have books available for sale.  Come and meet this great mother and son writing team and check out their new book, My Life as a Cartoonist.  I know there are readers out there who have been waiting anxiously for the latest sequel. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013



We're three days into celebrating Waldo's 25th year and a lot of kids have already found Waldo, his friends and their lost things. Wandering somewhere at the Central Library today, will be two Waldos. See if you can find them, take a photo and then post it to the Children's Room facebook wall.  Keep your eyes peeled because you might see some other Waldo wannabes in the building.   

Look for him here.  Look for him there.  Look for WALDO everywhere!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Celebrate this special week with Waldo, who turned 25 years old.  Come to the Children's Room at Central, Montrose or Casa Verdugo branches and help us search for the wandering Waldo in this very momentous year.

It's also a fine free week so bring in those overdue books and your fines will be forgiven. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


There are so many superheroes that at times; it is really hard to remember who has what power.  And on top of all these superheroes, apparently there is more need to invent new and exciting once. Or at least this is what one of the major comic publication companies is trying to do in this super funny and super cool book called, THE ADVENTURES OF BEANBOY by LISA HARKRADER.

   Tucker MacBean is not a superhero; however he is a boy in middle school whose love for comic books and superheroes exceeds most of the powers that he reads about.  His only true escape in life is to finish reading as many books as he can get his hands on.  In addition, things at home are not going the way Tucker wants, especially when his divorced parents haven’t stopped bickering at each other, his mom who is constantly preoccupied with everything but him and on top of all these, he is being bullied with none other than a girl who can’t even form a proper sentence. 
   So you can imagine the excitement and the thrill he feels when in one of his favorite comic books, the publishers are calling for a contest to create a new comic hero and what is really nice about this contest, is that the winner will receive a full scholarship to attend a university.  Tucker sees this his only way out to have a more exciting life; after all he pretty much knows what makes a true comic book character a superhero…
However, creating a superhero is not as easy as he imagined and not all characters can be as good as he thought…
This is truly a fun and adventures story that will literally put a smile on your face and will make you think twice about the power of beanJ

For  grades 5th and up.

Monday, April 08, 2013


Calvin Coconut hears the word "responsibility" a lot.  His mom is always giving him new responsibilities since his dad moved to Las Vegas to become a famous singer and never came back, making Calvin the man of the house.  The problem with all this responsibility is that Calvin gets into trouble - a lot.  The first day of fourth grade arrives and Calvin gets into trouble at every turn.  There's a food fight, an issue with a centipede, and a big bully who won't leave Calvin alone, causing him to forget to pick up his little sister from school.  To top it all off, Calvin's mom tells him that they will have a teenage girl coming to live with them from Texas.  His mom says she'll be nice, but as soon as Calvin meets her, he knows there's going to be more trouble involved.  Especially when she tells him that if he doesn't watch out, she's going to show him what "Texas Nice" really means.

Join Calvin and his friends as they grow up and get into trouble in Hawai'i on the island of O'ahu.  Calvin Coconut: Trouble Magnet by Graham Salisbury is a great fit for voracious 3rd grade readers and all readers in 4th - 5th grade.

Friday, April 05, 2013


Who doesn't love to search for Waldo in the ever popular Where's Waldo books by Martin Handford.   Waldo is now 25 years old and still wandering the world.  In honor of Waldo and National Library Week, the Children's Room at the Central Library, the Casa Verdugo branch and the Montrose branch will have Waldo scavenger hunts.   Just come to the reference desks and ask to go on a search for the man in the red and white stripes.  The hunts will happen from Monday, April 15 through Saturday, April 20

The hunts will be slightly different at each branch so ask us for the rules.  Check out our facebook page and this blog for some more Waldo updates. 

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


...then you have to read this.  Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl is absolutely predictable but still a good fast read.   Seventeen years-old Miss Crawley must marry but she can't marry just anyone. It must be someone wealthy.  Her grandfather has left them a crumbling faux castle at the edge of a cliff in Yorkshire County England and in order to keep her young brother (the heir) mother and two stepsisters in food, clothes warm, and a roof over their heads along with the staff, she has to make a decent match but of course she has no dowry, only her beauty.  

Althea almost always speaks her mind and because of misunderstandings, prejudices and  circumstances it looks like she and her family may lose everything.  For a bit of British romance in the style of Jane Austen, pick up this light-hearted book and bury yourself under the blankets for a few hours.  For mature readers in 6th and up. 

Monday, April 01, 2013


...You need your brain to think, you need your heart to love. A long, long, time ago, well okay, 1940, it wasn't always easy to breathe. A terrible outbreak of the disease tuberculosis has taken over the bodies of many United States citizens. Men, women and children were dying if they didn't get help quick. This is what happens to Evvy, only her family thinks it is best if she goes to Loon Lake - a place just for people who have tuberculosis! Evvy is put into a room with four other sick girls, and the story talks all about what it's like living and dying with this disease. BREATHING ROOM  by Marsha Hayles is not a horror story, even though bad things happen. It IS a good historical fiction with interesting pictures and posters from that era. Evvy becomes good friends with many that come and go, and learns a lot about the importance of breathing. For 5th through 8th grades.

February 2013