Wednesday, April 10, 2013


There are so many superheroes that at times; it is really hard to remember who has what power.  And on top of all these superheroes, apparently there is more need to invent new and exciting once. Or at least this is what one of the major comic publication companies is trying to do in this super funny and super cool book called, THE ADVENTURES OF BEANBOY by LISA HARKRADER.

   Tucker MacBean is not a superhero; however he is a boy in middle school whose love for comic books and superheroes exceeds most of the powers that he reads about.  His only true escape in life is to finish reading as many books as he can get his hands on.  In addition, things at home are not going the way Tucker wants, especially when his divorced parents haven’t stopped bickering at each other, his mom who is constantly preoccupied with everything but him and on top of all these, he is being bullied with none other than a girl who can’t even form a proper sentence. 
   So you can imagine the excitement and the thrill he feels when in one of his favorite comic books, the publishers are calling for a contest to create a new comic hero and what is really nice about this contest, is that the winner will receive a full scholarship to attend a university.  Tucker sees this his only way out to have a more exciting life; after all he pretty much knows what makes a true comic book character a superhero…
However, creating a superhero is not as easy as he imagined and not all characters can be as good as he thought…
This is truly a fun and adventures story that will literally put a smile on your face and will make you think twice about the power of beanJ

For  grades 5th and up.

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