Wednesday, April 03, 2013


...then you have to read this.  Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl is absolutely predictable but still a good fast read.   Seventeen years-old Miss Crawley must marry but she can't marry just anyone. It must be someone wealthy.  Her grandfather has left them a crumbling faux castle at the edge of a cliff in Yorkshire County England and in order to keep her young brother (the heir) mother and two stepsisters in food, clothes warm, and a roof over their heads along with the staff, she has to make a decent match but of course she has no dowry, only her beauty.  

Althea almost always speaks her mind and because of misunderstandings, prejudices and  circumstances it looks like she and her family may lose everything.  For a bit of British romance in the style of Jane Austen, pick up this light-hearted book and bury yourself under the blankets for a few hours.  For mature readers in 6th and up. 

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