Friday, August 29, 2014


Under the Hood by Merlin  - Lift the flaps and find out what's wrong with Mr. Bear's car.  You'll be in for a big surprise.
 Woody Guthrie's Riding in My Car by Scott Menchin has fun movable parts and pop ups making this a happy trip for everyone.  Sing along with the dog family as they drive across the country. 

Here are two amazing movable and lift flap books available for check-out.

For readers ages 3 and older.


All Glendale libraries will be closed Saturday, August 30 - Monday, Sept 1. 

Even though our libraries will be closed, you can still access the online catalog, download an ebook, download  music, get information in the databases or place books on hold.  You just need your library card and pin number.

See you all Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Paperboy is a historical fiction novel set in Memphis, Tennessee in 1959. It is about an eleven-year-old boy who takes over his friend's paper route when his friend goes out of town. The only problem is that Victor stutters, making everyday conversation difficult. He has to pick his words carefully, because certain letters, or combinations of letters, are much more difficult for him than others. Wanting more than anything to be normal like other children his age, he does not talk too much, and only chooses words he can pronounce. However, there are two people he can talk to freely - his family's maid "Mam" who he is very close to, and Mr. Spiro, a man he meets on his paper route who is not fazed by his stuttering problem. When a local junkman Ara T. starts making trouble for Victor, he has to overcome his fears to fight back.

Paperboy  is a beautifully written short novel loosely based on author Vince Vawter's own speech impediment. It focuses on something most of us take granted - the ability to express ourselves with words - and makes us think about how we view others who talk differently. But despite its important message, this book is a quick read with a bit of a mystery and some action. It will capture the readers' hearts and make a lasting impression.

For grades 4 and up.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Mathilda's Cat likes to do whatever Matilda does, but does she really?  Another lovely story with beautiful illustrations by by Emily Gravett.  

Two new Pete the Cat books will have everyone singing along with him to these favorite ditties as one pages through the books.  Pete the Cat- the Wheels on the Bus and Pete the Cat - Old MacDonald Had a Farm by James Dean.  

For readers from toddlers through Kindergarten.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Mason Dixon has completed third grade and is gearing up to start fourth grade.  However, his mother is already pressuring him to start thinking of all the extra curricula activities that he should get involved in, specifically singing.  The problem is that Mason has been traumatized so badly that singing for him would be like diving into a pool of dead frogs.  Unfortunately, the fact that he needs to remind his mother of the dreadful incident that took place couple of years ago is making him to feel even more traumatized.

Funny, cute and a charming easy chapter book, especially for boys. Mason Dixon: Fourth Grade Disasters by Claudia Mills.

Grades 3rd and up.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014


“I have a garden” a playful dog announces on the first page of the book. And as the reader goes on to discover all the variety of the different animals that the garden has, the pages of the book become filled with more animals and flowers. Showing even more illustrations of lushes flowers and animated animals and insects.  

However, all the flowers and the animals belong to him because the garden is HIS.  But can this be possible?  Beautiful things are to be shared, so how can the dog be convinced that the garden belongs to everyone?  

This particular picture book is so colorful and vibrant that after reading it, I wanted to literally jump inside the pages and smell all the flowers and play with all the animals.   It is a fun and easy book that will even be great for a read aloud.  I Have a Garden by Bob Barner

Pre-k to 1st grade 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Odessa is a smart, funny and a very generous person who is worried about her family, her parents’ divorce and how she is going to make it through fourth grade.  Above all else, what she really wishes is a way she will be able to turn back the time to fix all that is bothering her.  If only she could have this super power! 

Well, there is a saying which goes something like this…”be careful of what you wish for” because, your wish might come true and you might not be able to handle the outcome of those particular wishes…

One day she finds herself having that same particular power of turning back time and ‘fixing’ things…She succeeds in fixing the easer things in her life of course, and every time she fixes a smaller problem, she feels more in control of her faith… But of course, she is way too young to see that sometimes, in life you have to let nature and your own fate to guide and lead you to the right direction.   Hence, her realizing that perhaps there is a reason why her parents are divorced or why her own brother needs to be selective when it comes to finding friends. 

Literally, this enchanted story will make fall in love with Odessa and her adventures.  
Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt is truly a fun read that will make your heart a little fuzzier and your smile a little brighter. 

For grades 5th and up.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Imagine if you had the power to change into any shape or power.  Or if you could be in charge of the weather at all times. What would you do?  Would you become the sun or the moon?  Or would you make it rain all year long so that people would not want to leave their homes?  Legends and myths are just that, stories about gods and goddesses who possess supernatural powers. 

The most famous Gods and Goddesses originated from the Greeks; however the Romans decided to have their own so they adopted many of the Greek myths. 

In this Classic Starts series, all the stories are abridged so you don’t need to read many pages to learn about the amazing powers of these very powerful creatures.   

Roman Myths by Diane Namn is a simple and very easy read that will truly be enjoyed by girls and boys.

For grades 3 and up.      

Friday, August 15, 2014


When you wake up every morning to go to school or any other social event, the chances are that you look into the mirror and notice a variety of different changes about you.  The changes are mostly physical, like longer finger nails, or stronger arms and so forth. 
However, you are also going through a lot of changes that are not physical and it might be difficult to put in words or even to try to explain to your parents what those changes are.  Well, my friend that is called growing up.  

I think that this is one of the most important books that I’ve read in a very long time because it covers a wide range of topics that is crucial to young people who are going the emotional roller coaster of growing up. Like how to stop a bully or how to tell when friends are a bad influence instead of good?   

The book has tons of charts, illustrations and a glossary of important words that will be vital to know and understand once in high school.  Additionally, the book offers few pages of online resources that you can have access if you would like to acquire more information.  
Growing Up: Inside and Out by Kira Vermond and iIllustrated by Carl Chin.

Grades 7th and up.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


When it comes to height or size, he is the smallest in his class.  However, when it comes to taking on more than what one can handle, Ellray Jakes is the one for you. Even though he is small in size, he also happens to be a bigger brother to his sister who seems to be in danger of bullies in her school. 

Like an older brother, he really tries hard to teach his sister to stand up for herself and protect her from others who choose to be mean to her.  His sister’s gentle personality doesn't make things easy, he decides to take things in his hands.  However, in life there are consequences for every action and even though Ellray’s intention is a good one.  

Can he take things in his own hands and make those bullies go away?  Will his actions be understood and forgiven by his parents, and more specifically his sister?  Or can he just magically make things better without having to explain to anyone…? 

Ellray Jakes: The Dragon Slayer by Sally Warner is part of a series and it will be great if you’re a beginner when it comes to chapter books.  

For grades 3rd and up. 

Monday, August 11, 2014


Apparently, moo is the word. In this hilarious book, the cow goes on to his amazing journey and gets in trouble and expresses his troubles and his sorrows in the most beautiful way possible.  He uses the word Moo, or Moo-Moo or Mooooooooo or Mooooooooooooooo.  

This very rhythmic and repetitive story allows the reader to see what with just one word, so many different emotions can be expressed, be it excitement, sadness or pure joy.  The cow, who we have established that loves the word Moo, is always in the center of the page, always doing or saying something to make us all laugh out loud.   Even though the book literally has the word Moo, the reader will feel as though a full story was developed and written for the little once.  Really fun read and highly recommended.  

Moo!  by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka

For Pre-k -1st

Friday, August 08, 2014


Jewel spends a lot of time over at the cliff.  It's the only place where she ever feels truly understood and not alone.  At home, her grandfather doesn't speak and her parents keep secrets.  Secrets about the day Jewel was born.  The day her brother went missing.  The day he thought he was a bird and tried to fly off of Jewel's cliff.  Her dad tells Jewel to stay away from the cliff and the duppies that are spirits and tricked Jewel's brother into trying to fly.  Her mother tells her father to stop filling Jewel's head with nonsense.  Jewel ignores them both and doesn't question their life.  Until the day Jewel meets John.  The boy who shares a name with her brother.  The boy her grandfather is convinced is a duppy.  The boy who may be able to help Jewel and her family share their secrets and learn to be a family once more.

Follow Jewel and her family on their journey of healing in Crystal Chan's book, Bird, for tweens in grades 6 and up.

Thursday, August 07, 2014


There is still time to turn in your reading log if you haven't yet.  The Children's Room at the Central Library is taking them for an extended week before school starts for Glendale Unified Schools.  Last day to bring them to the Children's Room is August 10.  

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


These new republished versions pairing Dav Pilkey and illustrator Dan Santat are amazing!  I really like them both separately, but together, they are a mighty force of fun.  I am in love with Ricky Ricotta and his Mighty Robot again.

In the first installment,  Ricky and Mighty Robot find each other after some bullying action by Ricky's schoolmates and a fight against the evil Dr. Stinky, who built Mighty Robot!  

In the fight against the Voodoo Vultures from Venus, Ricky and his Mighty Robot beat them off with some spicy chocolate chip cookies and send them back to Venus!   

More hilarious and updated adventures are coming our way soon.

For readers in 2nd-4th grades. 

Monday, August 04, 2014


Jared, Shireen and Miranda are three kids forced to live in Venice, Italy for their Dad's job. At first, Miranda is the only one enjoying herself. But an accidental visit to a strange bookstore shines a whole new light on the city on the water. Talking animal statues and creatures jumping out of paintings are just some of the mysterious things that happen to them, and it all seems to parallel a story their Dad is reading to them in a book that is centuries old. How is it possible? 

THROUGH THE SKYLIGHT by Ian Baucom, is a very detailed mystery that has lots of danger and impossibility at every turn. You never know what is going to happen next! 

For grades 5 and up.

July 2014


THE TWINNING PROJECT by Robert Lipsyte has a little bit of something for every Tween. There's bullies getting beat up, football and band practice, families that don't get along, meddling teachers. Tom and Eddie are twins, living on different Earths, 50 years apart. Sound confusing? On Earth 1, Tom spends his time moving from school to school after he avenges the many underdogs being picked on by school bullies. Tom just hasn't been very happy since his Dad allegedly died, and he is surprised to hear his intergalactic twin is having the same kinds of feelings. Eddie isn't quite the rebellious type, though. He is more of a goodie two-shoes, even if it means it goes against his own beliefs to follow authority. 

If you can get past the chapters switching back and forth between characters, you are really going to enjoy this mysterious science fiction story! 

For grades 6 and up.

July 2014 

Friday, August 01, 2014


A book review by Lilian a 4th grade library patron:

Sand by Ellen Prager

Today, I am going to write about sand and how it is made.  Different sands are different colors.  The different colors are made from different color crystals and the crystals are made out of minerals.  Sand is also made of shells, lava, and coral.  Sand is bigger than mud but smaller then gravel.  The wind can pick-up sand to make ripples.  The ice can pick-up sand and when it melts it can put the sand on land or water.  Water can take sand from one place to another.  Rocks bump next to each other and create sand.  Rivers carry rocks into seas. 

I think you should read this book because it’s interesting. For readers in 3rd to 4th grades.