Friday, August 08, 2014


Jewel spends a lot of time over at the cliff.  It's the only place where she ever feels truly understood and not alone.  At home, her grandfather doesn't speak and her parents keep secrets.  Secrets about the day Jewel was born.  The day her brother went missing.  The day he thought he was a bird and tried to fly off of Jewel's cliff.  Her dad tells Jewel to stay away from the cliff and the duppies that are spirits and tricked Jewel's brother into trying to fly.  Her mother tells her father to stop filling Jewel's head with nonsense.  Jewel ignores them both and doesn't question their life.  Until the day Jewel meets John.  The boy who shares a name with her brother.  The boy her grandfather is convinced is a duppy.  The boy who may be able to help Jewel and her family share their secrets and learn to be a family once more.

Follow Jewel and her family on their journey of healing in Crystal Chan's book, Bird, for tweens in grades 6 and up.

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