Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Odessa is a smart, funny and a very generous person who is worried about her family, her parents’ divorce and how she is going to make it through fourth grade.  Above all else, what she really wishes is a way she will be able to turn back the time to fix all that is bothering her.  If only she could have this super power! 

Well, there is a saying which goes something like this…”be careful of what you wish for” because, your wish might come true and you might not be able to handle the outcome of those particular wishes…

One day she finds herself having that same particular power of turning back time and ‘fixing’ things…She succeeds in fixing the easer things in her life of course, and every time she fixes a smaller problem, she feels more in control of her faith… But of course, she is way too young to see that sometimes, in life you have to let nature and your own fate to guide and lead you to the right direction.   Hence, her realizing that perhaps there is a reason why her parents are divorced or why her own brother needs to be selective when it comes to finding friends. 

Literally, this enchanted story will make fall in love with Odessa and her adventures.  
Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt is truly a fun read that will make your heart a little fuzzier and your smile a little brighter. 

For grades 5th and up.

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