Monday, August 18, 2014


Imagine if you had the power to change into any shape or power.  Or if you could be in charge of the weather at all times. What would you do?  Would you become the sun or the moon?  Or would you make it rain all year long so that people would not want to leave their homes?  Legends and myths are just that, stories about gods and goddesses who possess supernatural powers. 

The most famous Gods and Goddesses originated from the Greeks; however the Romans decided to have their own so they adopted many of the Greek myths. 

In this Classic Starts series, all the stories are abridged so you don’t need to read many pages to learn about the amazing powers of these very powerful creatures.   

Roman Myths by Diane Namn is a simple and very easy read that will truly be enjoyed by girls and boys.

For grades 3 and up.      

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