Wednesday, August 13, 2014


When it comes to height or size, he is the smallest in his class.  However, when it comes to taking on more than what one can handle, Ellray Jakes is the one for you. Even though he is small in size, he also happens to be a bigger brother to his sister who seems to be in danger of bullies in her school. 

Like an older brother, he really tries hard to teach his sister to stand up for herself and protect her from others who choose to be mean to her.  His sister’s gentle personality doesn't make things easy, he decides to take things in his hands.  However, in life there are consequences for every action and even though Ellray’s intention is a good one.  

Can he take things in his own hands and make those bullies go away?  Will his actions be understood and forgiven by his parents, and more specifically his sister?  Or can he just magically make things better without having to explain to anyone…? 

Ellray Jakes: The Dragon Slayer by Sally Warner is part of a series and it will be great if you’re a beginner when it comes to chapter books.  

For grades 3rd and up. 

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