Monday, August 04, 2014


THE TWINNING PROJECT by Robert Lipsyte has a little bit of something for every Tween. There's bullies getting beat up, football and band practice, families that don't get along, meddling teachers. Tom and Eddie are twins, living on different Earths, 50 years apart. Sound confusing? On Earth 1, Tom spends his time moving from school to school after he avenges the many underdogs being picked on by school bullies. Tom just hasn't been very happy since his Dad allegedly died, and he is surprised to hear his intergalactic twin is having the same kinds of feelings. Eddie isn't quite the rebellious type, though. He is more of a goodie two-shoes, even if it means it goes against his own beliefs to follow authority. 

If you can get past the chapters switching back and forth between characters, you are really going to enjoy this mysterious science fiction story! 

For grades 6 and up.

July 2014 

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