Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This is a story of a Dog, a Cat and a Mouse living together peacefully in their little home by the sea. Each day is the same, Dog tends to the garden, Cat takes care of the housework, and Mouse is in charge of cooking. They all seem happy together until one day a mysterious strange sales clerk from the Winds of Change Trading Company comes to visit, making remarks and offering suggestions to change their way of life.

Delightful story to discuss the importance of friendship and tolerance. Mini Grey, author and illustrator. Ages 4-8.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Right before the school custodian died, he made Ben promise not to let the school be torn down. All he gave him was an old coin to save the school with. Intrigued, Ben and his classmate Jill scour the school for clues put in place many years ago by the founders for just this kind of emergency.

Benjamin Pratt and the Keepers of the School is a new mystery adventure series for 4th - 6th by Andrew Clements. Short and fast paced, it's perfect for reluctant readers.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I don't know about you guys, but I am beginning to believe in luck and that no matter how hard we try something, a little bit of luck will not hurt us in life. Clara Lee, who is the main character in this book gets her dream cut short when her grandfather interrupts her. Her dream was so scary, that she takes her grandfather's action as a sign of luck since the grandfather explains that at times when people see bad things in their dreams, their actually a sign of good things to happen in life. Additionally, her winning the Apple Pie dream contest becomes questionable as well since some kids think that because she is Korean American, she might not be "American" enough to win the contest. CLARA LEE AND THE APPLE PIE DREAM by JENNY HAN is a fun, coming of age story.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Jack, being the son of Jack of the Beanstalk, is trying to figure out something great to do when a girl falls out of the sky and lands on top of him. Her shirt says that she is a "Punk Princess" but she claims to be no such thing. All she wants is to find her grandmother who just suddenly disappeared. As Jack and May search the magical land for her kidnapped grandmother they realize that May might be a descendant of frfairy tale royalty.

Half Upon a Time by James Riley is for fantasy adventure lovers from 6th-8th grade.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


THE YEAR THE SWALLOWS CAME EARLY by Kathryn Fitzmaurice is very well written for an author's first novel. Set in a small oceanside town, Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson witnesses her father being taken to jail. Turns out, it's her mother that's sent him there, and all of a sudden her normal world swirls into chaos. She's so upset she can't even do the one thing she loves - cooking. She discovers unlikely friends in peculiar people and places, and comes to terms with things not always being what they seem. Very easy to read, with vivid imagery and an engaging plot. For grades 4 and up.


One day Max visited the library. After storytime he went wandering around the library and found a large egg on the bottom of a bookcase. When he moved closer to look at the egg, surprisingly out hatched a little dragon. Max ran to to tell his mother that there was a dragon in the library, but she laughed and said that he had a great imagination. When he tried to convince everybody that there was a dragon in the library, nobody seemed to believe him. Every time he comes to the library, he finds the dragon again, and it is bigger and hungrier and it is eating more and more books. This book with a fun text and beautifully illustrations, makes an excellent read-aloud for children 4-5 years old. A list of tips on how to take care of books added at the end of the book. Written by Dianne de Las Casas, illustrated by Marita Gentry.

Friday, June 17, 2011


The meanest and most hated hippo is floating feet up in his habitat. Shocked by Henry the Hippo's death, Teddy is determined to find out how this could have happened in the best animal research facility in the country. When he discovers that the hippo might have been murdered, the only person willing to help find the hippo killer is Summer, the owner's daughter. Something stinks at Fun Jungle, and it isn't just the dead hippo.

Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs is a fast pace mystery set in a Texas where the kids seem to know more than the adults. For readers in 6th - 8th grade.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? I am talking about hunt for real treasure, such as gold, antique objects and gold falcons in the case of this story. Most likely, you have not right? Well. Aiden who is literally bored out of her mind and is completely miserable in her fancy private school somehow(you need to read to find out) embarks on a journey that is so fun and adventurous that you might even want to buckle your seat belt while reading the book.

This is a fun and mysterious story which brings great friends togather in search of a treasure, but the joureny to find the treasure is as fun as the treasure itself. You will even meet a mouse who loves the opera, now imagine that! TWENTY GOLD FALCONS is by AMY GORDON.

For grades 5th and up.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Dellie is a thirteen years old girl that lives in a project building with her mother and father. Dellie's life has been quiet and sad since her little brother’s dead. The whole family is devastated. Her mother cries all the time,and forbids Dellie to go outside on her own so nothing bad happens to her. Dellie lives with the horrible guilt that the accident that killed her brother may have been all her fault. Dellie's world begins to change when new neighbors move in on the ground floor and the once peaceful building starts to have problems hearing gunshots and men fighting in the halls. In the middle of all that trouble she meets Corey. Corey is an adorable five-year-old boy, whose mother abusing him and who's often left him at home alone and hungry. He wanders around knocking on doors asking for bread. Dellie becomes attached with this little boy who reminds her so much of her brother. They develop a very strong bond. She wonders if she can do for Corey what she couldn't do for her brother to save him. The secret of Dellie’s brother accident is not revealed until near the end of the book. Corey contributed to a significant change in Corey’s life.

In addition to Corey, the story also includes Miss Shirley, a Jamaican colorful woman that is always full of wisdom and experience. Having experienced her own loses, She I and Dellie become close and helps Dellie to learn faith and healing.

Written by Danette Vigilante. Realistic fiction for grades 5 and up.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's that time again...Summer Reading Program. You can sign-up today in any of the Glendale Libraries and get your book log, bookmark and coupon for an Aunt Annie's tasty pretzel.

Read or listen to a book a week for eight weeks, record the titles in the log and bring it back to the Library to choose a book from the prize books to take home. You have until August 6 to do the reading.

Also check the Library Events for the many scheduled special events that are taking place during the program. Puppets, magicians, silly science and balloon artists are just some of the treats for families this summer.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Mystery, adventure, betrayal and riches are all here in one action-packed book. At the death of his uncle, Homer inherits his dog. He seems like any other ordinary dog except that he holds the clue to this madcap adventure.

Smells Like Dog by Suzanne Selfors is a over the top goofy adventure for readers in 6th- 8th.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


At first, Pia might seem like your average typical thirteen years old girl who is interested in boys and doing the fun stuff. However, there is a lot about Pia that even she does not know yet. Her living in New York has enriched her life on so many levels. Being exposed to great food, art and culture in general has contributed to her good upbringing. However, Pia also has family issues that have never been resolved. For example, finding about who her father is, or why her brother suddenly quit a very prestige school. In addition to all the madness that she is going through, she is also attempting to create a self portrait. The metaphor being that until she does not find herself in life, her portrait will not be complete! A PORTAIT OF PIA by MARISABINA RUSSO is an outstanding book that has so many great elements, one which I liked the most is the idea of Pia being such an avid reader and an art lover!

For grades 5th and up.

Monday, June 06, 2011


The very independent Little Princess is determined to go camping without anyone’s help. She insists she want to do it herself! Every time someone offers her help, she replies ‘NO’ ‘I want to do it myself’’. When she finally arrives at her campsite,she discovers she has forgotten her cooking equipment, the tent, a blanket, a pillow, a towel, her toothbrush and the list goes on. Fortunately, secret hands help that everything goes well, the only problem is that on the way home, the bags are too heavy!!!! Self- Reliance is important to children healthy development , however in this book Little Princess thinks she knows everything and does not allow anyone to provide assistance. A good example to teach children that at times we also need help from others. Beautiful ink and watercolor illustrations written by Tony Ross. Ages 5 -7.

Friday, June 03, 2011


Tonya Bolden, author of the book FINDING FAMILY based an entire story around a collection of very old photographs that she has collected over the years. Real history makes up a lot of the setting and plot, but the story itself is made up of ideas that the pictures told her. The main character is Delana, whose mother has died and father has disappeared without a trace. She's left to be raised by her Grandpa and her Aunt Tilly who doesn't let Delana do much of anything. Her aunt tells her many stories about the family, some of which seem crazy and unbelieveable. But when Delana's aunt suddenly dies, it is up to Delana to determine truth from fiction. Good book for advanced 4th graders up to 8th grade readers.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


When the tornado hit the town of Tornado Alley, a lot of the town’s residences were on their usual daily routines of cleaning houses, rehearsing for school plays, running errands, or just simply doing nothing. However, when cars started to fly like Frisbees, people realized what was happening…After the tornado, things were destroyed and buildings were ruined, such as the local elementary school. When the principal of that school suggested raising money by doing a talent show, people got excited and started to feel optimistic about the future. The talent was recruited and the roles were assigned, until that is… another tornado hit the town of the Tornado Alley… THE TALENT SHOW by DAN GUTMAN, is fun and you don't have to have a talent to read it!

For grades 5th and up.