Monday, June 13, 2011


Dellie is a thirteen years old girl that lives in a project building with her mother and father. Dellie's life has been quiet and sad since her little brother’s dead. The whole family is devastated. Her mother cries all the time,and forbids Dellie to go outside on her own so nothing bad happens to her. Dellie lives with the horrible guilt that the accident that killed her brother may have been all her fault. Dellie's world begins to change when new neighbors move in on the ground floor and the once peaceful building starts to have problems hearing gunshots and men fighting in the halls. In the middle of all that trouble she meets Corey. Corey is an adorable five-year-old boy, whose mother abusing him and who's often left him at home alone and hungry. He wanders around knocking on doors asking for bread. Dellie becomes attached with this little boy who reminds her so much of her brother. They develop a very strong bond. She wonders if she can do for Corey what she couldn't do for her brother to save him. The secret of Dellie’s brother accident is not revealed until near the end of the book. Corey contributed to a significant change in Corey’s life.

In addition to Corey, the story also includes Miss Shirley, a Jamaican colorful woman that is always full of wisdom and experience. Having experienced her own loses, She I and Dellie become close and helps Dellie to learn faith and healing.

Written by Danette Vigilante. Realistic fiction for grades 5 and up.

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