Thursday, December 31, 2009


All of the Glendale Libraries will be closed to celebrate the New Year's Holiday starting December 31 at 5 p.m. through January 3, 2010. On Monday, January 4, regular hours will be in effect.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Mayte and Pepito are convinced that Don Aparicio, the grumpy ice cream seller, is really the bogeyman. Don Aparicio constantly complaints about badly behaved children who need to be taught a lesson. Mayte comes to believe that he is the Bogeyman (el Cuco) who kidnaps bad children and eats them or sells them at the market.
One day, Mayte and Pepito spy Don Aparicio carrying a bag with something strange inside. They follow him to the marketplace in hopes to rescuing the victim.
Beautifully illustrated in English and Spanish.
For readers Grades 1-2, ages 6-7.

Written by Ada Gonzalez, illustrated by Christina Rodriguez.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


All of the Glendale Libraries will be closed for the Christmas holiday from December 24 through December 27. They will reopen on Monday December 28 at the regular times. Best wishes for the season.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


His carefree mother finally got a grant to photograph China so that means Julian is sent to stay with his wealthy aunt and uncle. His little cousin is cool, but all he can think about is a whole summer with his awful aunt and mean uncle who hated his father. It seems they don't even want him around but intend to send him away for to math camp. MATH CAMP!? That's like not having summer vacation at all!

Julian and his friends set in a motion a plan that will take care of two things at once: to actually have a fun summer vacation and to see these redwoods that his uncle's company is trying to cut down and sell for a huge profit.

Set in Northern California, five kids set out to save a grove of almost extinct trees taller than the Statue of Liberty and older than the United States. Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French is a great story about kids who act on what they believe in even if the ending is a bit unrealistic. But that's why this is fiction. Great for readers 6th-8th grades.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Emma-Jean Lazarus is NOT your typical seventh grader. At least in this book, her perception of her friends, family and the world around her is not the same as most seventh graders you'll meet. She is EXTREMELY logical and scientific. She does not bubble and squeal over the upcoming Spring Fling. She doesn't understand why boys are suddenly getting her attention. It's like her life is one big science experiment. EMMA-JEAN LAZARUS FELL IN LOVE by Lauren Tarshis is the sequel to EMMA-JEAN LAZARUS FELL OUT OF A TREE, but you don't need to read the first to enjoy the second. Even though Emma-Jean isn't your usual seventh grade girl, the way she sees life is fascinating and makes the book worth reading. For grades 4-8.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid

Vincent is a young boy spending Christmas Eve with his tio Pancho that is a farmer living down in south Texas. As Santa getting older, he calls on family, specifically his cousin Pancho to help him out to delivery toys to the boys and girls along the Texas-Mexico border. Pancho gracefully volunteered and Santa using his magic stardust, transformed Pancho into Charro Claus with his incredible burritos, Rigo, Jaime, Freddie and Little Joe as Vincent spies through the window. Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid is a bilingual colorful and funny Christmas story written and illustrated by Xavier Garza. For ages 4 and up.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


1. An actual headless chicken lived eighteen months without a head.
2. When we get scared, our brain orders the release of adrenaline and a flood of other hormones into the bloodstream. Instantly, the body is ready to fight or flee.
3. A pumping heart has enough pressure to blast blood 30 feet into the air.
4. The ancient Egyptians were able to pull their brains out of their noses.
5. Black cats are actually good luck instead of bad (there is a scientific explanations as well)

Guess what? All of the above is true, now you need to read the book to find out the who’s and the how’s of this scary, mysteries book that has great illustrations as well as few cartoons to show us the seemingly impossible.

For grades 4th and older.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Rescuing Seneca Crane by Susan Runholt is perfect for adventurous, and fearless middle school girls.

A second mystery adventure has the two friends off to Scotland for the Edinburg Music Festival. Just as they are befriending this amazing pianist, Seneca, she's kidnapped and held for a million dollar ransom. Kari and Lucas are determined to rescue her themselves, because, really, what adult would believe them, especially the ones they suspect are involved in Seneca's kidnapping.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Quinito’s daily life is full of opposites. His sister Clara gets up early, while older brother Juan sleeps in, his mommy is short and his daddy is tall, he points out who is neat and who is messy, and so on. Whether he's happy or sad, quiet or loud, Quinito is always up to something……
This delightful bilingual picture book explores the concept of opposites. Written by Ina Cumpiano, illustrated by Jose Ramirez. Kindergarten, Ages 5-6.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


ONE SMALL STEP: CELEBRATING THE FIRST MEN ON THE MOON is one of the coolest non-fiction books that I have seen/read in a long time. The book is pact with great, colorful pictures of the Apollo 11 spacecraft among other really interesting stuff. The uniqueness of the book is in its scrap book format, flipping through the pages, you will feel as though you are reading someone's actual personal creation. It also has things such as a copy of the actual food menu of the Apollo 11, among other must see things. Even if you are not interested in space, you will not want to put down this fascinating book. The creative team for the book is JERRY STONE, TERRY PASTOR AND ANDY MANSFIELD.

For grades 4th and older.

Monday, December 07, 2009


THE SMASHING SCROLL by Michael Dahl is the perfect mystery for you if you are just starting to read chapter books. Scary things happen. Giant scrolls telling the "World's Last Story" start rolling down the road, threatening to cover the Earth with it's parchment! And of course - the librarian saves the day!

For 2nd - 4th graders.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I love reading historical fiction because I get to learn true facts about real life heroes. In LINCOLN AND HIS BOYS by ROSEMARY WELLS we learn how patient and tender Lincoln was towards his sons.
This particular book is unique because it presents the president from his children's viewpoint. The story spans from the time that Lincoln decides to run for president to the end of the Civil War.
The chapters are full of Lincoln's wisdom and insights. P.J. Lynch's illustrations add warmth and life to this touching and inspiring book on one of the most liked and famous presidents. A very good read.

For grades 4th and older.

Monday, November 30, 2009


I just finished THE ETERNAL HOUR GLASS, the first book in a new series called THE MAGICKEEPERS by Erica Kirov, and this is going to be a fascinating bunch of stories. Intermixing the history of famous magicians, authors and others with a modern day family of Russian magicians, the author has struck upon the possibility of literary gold. Nick Rostov lives a somewhat ordinary life as the son of a washed up Vegas Magician, living in hotels, eating pizza and skateboarding. One day, his grandfather takes him for his birthday "surprise," and Nick finds himself living with an entirely new family, that of the greatest magician in Vegas and throughout the world - Damian! They've brought Nick here to live out his life (and be part of the show) in order to protect him and his magical ability (which he just found out he has) from the evil "shadowkeepers." This is shaping up to be a series worth the read, and perfect for 5th-8th grades.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Very soon you will be flocking to the local movie theater to see the movie version of FANTASTIC MR. FOX by ROALD DAHL. But it would be great if you could read the book first.

Mr. Fox loves nothing more than to hear how fantastic he is. He does everything that he can to get the compliments from his wife, including stealing chicken, duck and turkey from his nemeses, the three farmers. However, the farmers are well aware of Mr. Fox and they plot to capture their enemy and teach him a lesson. But... there is a reason why Mr. Fox is called Fantastic. This book is such a fun read that you can won't want to put in down.

For grades 4th and older.

Friday, November 20, 2009


If you've been keeping up with the madcap adventures of this crime fighting family, you will be shocked to the core by the unmasking of The Master of the Scarlet Hand in the final chapter!

Sabrina and Daphne's parents awake after two years of magical sleep and are confused by all that has happened. Daphne and Sabrina's wish for a happy family reunion with their parents are dashed when their father insists they give up their detective ways and return to New York City. Before anyone can leave Ferryport though the Scarlet Hand's army begin to assault the Grimm home and they must make a run for safety deep in the forest. The only option open to the family is to join Prince Charming's ragtag army of Everafters in order to destroy The Master's plans of taking over the town and eventually, the world.

The seventh exciting book, The Everafter War by Michael Buckley is for readers in 4th and up.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I won't lie, Francesca Lia Block is a wonderful author, but she is an author that will only appeal to certain people. I can't even tell you who those people are, but the way she writes is different than other authors because nothing about the stories are obvious. You have to find your way, much like the characters in one of her recent books THE WATERS AND THE WILD. This is a story about a 13-year-old girl, who's not really a girl. She makes friends with a 18th century slave girl, who's not really a slave girl, and an alien boy who's not really an alien. Or maybe they are these things. Whatever the case, this girl, who finds herself wanting to eat dirt all the time, keeps seeing another version of herself - in her room, walking down the street, out in the back yard. The "doppleganger" version is here to replace her, and it's only a matter of time before the reality sets in. Obscure enough for you? Recommended for 6th-8th grades.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Amy Goldman Koss will be at the Central Library on Thursday, November 19 at 7:00 p.m. to talk about Poison Ivy. Afterwards she will be signing copies of the book.

Glendale Central Library
222 East Harvard Street
Glendale, CA 91205

For more information call the Children's Room (818)548-2034

Friday, November 13, 2009


Then The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes is for you. "Libby" is misreated and hidden away from the world by her nasty parents. All she wants is to runaway to a boarding school, where, she dreams of books, learning and being with other children. Oh, everything looks so wonderful in the brochure for The Sullivan School, if only she could get there somehow.

And so begins the misadventure of Libby or rather, Liberty, as she wants to be called when she escapes the clutches of her evil father with the help of some comprehension ointment and a magic floating potion. But will Liberty get to the school before her father finds and catches her?

This Roald Dahl like book is for readers who love stories about abused children who triumph over the bad guys who have enslaved them. For 4th grade and up.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's not easy to get separated from your dad, move away from friends and family and start living a brand new life with just a mother. But that is precisely what Dyamonde Daniel did. She is a precocious little girl who refuses to let anything bad affect her mood or her life. She doesn't really like to brag about how smart she is either, but at the same time she can't figure out why she doesn't have any friends...
She has gone through a lot of changes in her short life and is eager to find some sort of peace and comfort.
She makes a friend whose name is Reed. Reed likes to read. He gets teased a lot because here is Reed who likes to read. However, Dyamonde is not like the others, she becomes best of friends with Reed and together not only they read but start many new adventures. MAKE WAY FOR DYAMONDE DANIEL is by NIKKI GRIMES and the pictures are by R. GREGORY CHRISTIE.

For grades 2nd-4th.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


Just plain silliness abounds in WHALES ON STILTS by M.T. Anderson. I mean really - who ever heard of whales on stilts taking over the world?! Well, it may seem unbelievable to you, as it was to many grown-ups throughout this book, but to Lily, Katie & Jasper, the reality of the situation is that in a matter of days, there will be whales stomping across the city! It is up to them to save the world, and they don't have much time! Easy to read, funny and adventurous, this is a great book for 4th -7th grades.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Most likely you have been anxiously waiting for the new Wii game that is inspired by the world famous band THE BEATLES. However, before you start playing the game, learn more about this fascinating band that not only made history but paved the way for all the new boy bands whose music you probably listen to on a daily basis. The Beatles were a talented and successful band from Liverpool, England. They revolutionized the world of music and are icons not only in the music industry but in the entire world. Their sweet, innocent and romantic lyrics made people much more aware of the power of music.

THE BEATLES by MARVIN MARTIN can be checked out from the library at your convenience.

For grades 4th and older.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


All manner of cucumber foods are available at the annual Bloomsberry Cucumber Festival for free! Too bad Margaret isn't in the mood for stewed cucumbers, or cucumber casserole, or cucumber shakes. As Margaret is being forced to eat stewed cucumbers, she and her buddies discover a stolen necklace in the dish. Realizing that their neighbor would be accused of the theft, they follow her goose for clues all over town in order to catch the real thief.

A Recipe 4 Robbery by Marybeth Kelsey is a very pleasant old fashioned kind of mystery with lots of red herrings and narrow escapes. For readers 4th and older.

Monday, November 02, 2009


In this world, it's not so uncommon for a girl to have a beard or someone to have a tail. Ghosts are to be expected. Psychics are a dime a dozen. In this collection of stories called SIDESHOW: TEN ORIGINAL TALES OF FREAKS, ILLUSIONISTS, AND OTHER MATTERS ODD AND MAGICAL, edited by Deborah Noyes, and featuring classic children's book authors such as Cecil Castellucci, Vivian Vande Velde, and Aimee Bender. The stories are quick and interesting to read, and the collection includes graphic narration as well. This book is a fascinating look into a mystical world of mutants and mind readers, and is great for 6th grade and up.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Join us this Sat., Oct. 31, 2009 at 2pm
for a free puppet show "The Pirate's Tattoo" presented by Moodoo Puppets. This special program is for children ages 4 and up. Children are welcome to come in costumes.

Glendale Central Library (upstairs in the auditorium)
222 E Harvard St.
Glendale, CA 91205(818) 548-2035

Monday, October 26, 2009


After Gonzalo wins the lottery, he decides it’s time to leave the farm and grab the good life. The “Good life” of course, includes a mansion in Miami, a yacht, a fancy hot tub and live “la vida loca” in Hollywood. However, no matter where he goes or what he embarks on, Gonzalo does not find what he’s looking for. He feels as though something is missing, until finally he decides to return home because home is where the heart is! Very colorful. Tinny glossary of Spanish words in back of the book.
Ages 5-9. Written by Janice Levy and illustrated by Bill Slavin.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Lulu Atlantis is not very happy. Her mother brought home a new baby and he gets all the attention. Her father is far away with no hint as to when he will return. All Lulu wants is "True Blue Love" and she has no idea where to find it. Her best friend, Harry, the top-hat-wearing spider, loves her unconditionally and will do anything for Lulu. Yogurt Skunk also tries to be Lulu's friend. But Lulu keeps missing what "True Blue Love" really is until a horrible accident changes everything. LULU ATLANTIS AND THE QUEST FOR TRUE BLUE LOVE by Patricia Martin is a book that might just answer a few of your questions about life. For 4th - 6th grades.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Poor Alvin, his dad thinks that camping will be a great bonding experience just like Henry David Thoreau and his father! Uh... that wasn't quite what Alvin had in mind when Alvin told him about his time travel experience. What's a boy to do if he's afraid of nature, the dark, getting lost, hit by lightning... gulp... or worse. Once again he goes to his older brother for advice, and between him and his uncle's survival tips, maybe camping won't be so bad after all.

Alvin's Packing List:


night vision goggles

super duper flashlight

water purifying tablets

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters by Lenore Look has Alvin confronting more phobias but done in such a gentle and funny way that you can't help but chuckle along with Alvin. Along with the expressive character illustrations this book is a must for readers in 3rd - 5th.

Monday, October 19, 2009


This timeless, classic story will touch your heart and stay with you for a long time. The story is set against the backdrop of World War II in a small town where a man has become a recluse do to his hunched back. Eventually he meets a girl named Frith who has brought in a wounded goose. Frith sees how the lonely man slowly heals the wounds of this goose and during this time a friendship develops. The goose heals and flies away only to come back and set her home where the man lives. However, all that changes when he is needed in the war for his sailing skills.

And...You need to read the book to find out what happens next...

The illustrations in the story are as beautiful and telling as the story.


For grades 5th and up.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Some people just don't understand that when you adopt a puppy, that puppy will be with you their entire lives. Or that's how it SHOULD be anyway. But some dogs are abandoned, left all alone in the big cold world. Waggit is one of those dogs. WAGGIT'S TALE is a heart-warming story of loss, love, friendship and adventure. WAGGIT AGAIN continues Waggit's adventures when he escapes from a farm. Just when he thinks life is great, his owner leaves him all alone in a big park. It isn't long before Waggit stumbles across a band of wild dogs struggling to survive, and he joins them in all their adventures and misfortunes. WAGGIT'S TALE by Peter Howe is the story of the return to his owner and civilization. Both are great books for 4th grade and up.

Like animal stories, then check out this book list.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well, this is the tale of one boy who wanted it more than anything else.

There was an Irish boy named Fletcher Moom, who only wanted one thing and that was to be a private investigator. He even took the online course from Bob Bernstein, the famous FBI agent turned private eye. He was first in his class and had a real badge to prove it, too. He just wanted to do some good and be a voice for justice against those who would bully and lie and cheat. You can see where this is heading....

One day, his badge was stolen and everyone doubted his abilities despite all his boasting. To prove himself and get it back, he took on a case for April Deveraux. As he got closer to finding the thief who stole her special lock of hair, Fletcher was accused of arson and jailed. His nemesis, a member of the notorious criminal Sharkey family, sprang him from police custody and together they forged an uncomfortable alliance to clear both their names of the recent rash of thefts and mayhem in the town.

A great detective novel full of twists and red herrings written with humor and full of characters you'll want to root for.

Half-Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer is for fluent readers 6th and up.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What: Meet one of natures largest owls, the Great Horned Owl.

When: Saturday, October 17, 2:00 p.m.

Where: Central Library
222 East Harvard Street.
Glendale, CA 91025

The Wildlife Waystation, a non-profit refuge for wild and exotic animals, will bring an owl to the Library for you to meet up close. For additional information, please contact the Children's Room (818) 548-2035. For ages 4+ and their families.

Monday, October 12, 2009


El Barrio.
A young boy explores his neighborhood . Celebration of Hispanic culture and urban life is sure to fire children’s curiosity about where they live and what they can discover in their own neighborhood.

Bilingual edition written by Deborah M. Newton Chocolate, illustrated by David Diaz.
Ages 4-8.

Friday, October 09, 2009


This is your chance to voice your opinion about this year's One Glendale/One Book...for younger readers. Snacktime Reader's will be meeting on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. to do just that. Plan on joining the group, sharing your ideas and enjoying our snacks.

Those attending this group will get the chance to attend a special pre-talk visit with the author on the evening of November 19. Details and invitations will be available at the end of the discussion group.

For Grades 4-8 and their parents

Snacktime Readers
Wednesday, October 28, 7-8:00 p.m.
Children's Room
Glendale Public Library / 222 East Harvard St. / Glendale, 91205

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Wouldn't you want to have a bell that whenever you ring it, the world gets filled with sweetness and light? Most likely we would all like to have a bell like that. The stories in this small book are just that! They are out of this world, strange but yet appealing to our minds, even though we know the possibilities of them being true are very slim.

TALES OF ENCHANTMENT by PLEASANT DESPAIN does just that and more! These stories are in volume seven of "The Books of Nine Lives" series and they will make you to think, smile, giggle and with no surprise, enchant! The tales are from countries like Russia, Germany, Ireland and Holland. They are short, simple and fun.

For grades 2nd-4th.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Can you imagine a world with no living animals? Can you imagine a world where they stop having children for thirty years? Much like Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, there exists a world controlled by a video game. In THE ROAR by Emma Clayton, Mika is lost in the dreary world that exists below the rich of society. His twin sister is supposedly dead, but Mika still feels her. In a surreal combination of space, the future, ghosts and machines, this story unfolds into a visual portrayal of an alternate society that is ultimately changed by the children who live there. This is a fantastic book for 5th grade and up.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


This book made me LOL so much that I began to question my own state of mind. The story is about the Herdmans, who have always caused way too much trouble in their town... stealing candy, painting over things that are not theirs, terrorizing their neighborhood in ways that are mischievous and unforgiving.

The mayor of the city thinks that he has had enough of their antics and decides to cancel Halloween all together in order to punish them. However, what the mayor does not know is that the Herdmans are one group that will always find ways to make the worst of things to the best of things. They find clever ways to do almost everything and more. You will laugh out loud reading this book from the first page until the last word of the last page.


For grades 4th and older.

Friday, October 02, 2009


This is a collection of 13 bilingual folktales in English and Spanish from Cuban folklore, representing the cultures of Spain, Africa and the Caribbean. Called "Baila, Nana, Baila", it offers the readers a variety of humorous and colorful characters, such as a yam that terrifies the bravest man in the army, a boy who can never remember what his mother wants from the store, an old lady who can dance for days, and the man who had never done a day’s work in his life.

A good read-aloud, written by Joe Hayes and illustrated by Mauricio Trenard Sagayo.
Ages 9-12.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Amedeo Kaplan, same first name as Modigliani, is new in town and befriends William who is helping his mother with the estate sale of his other new neighbor in St. Malo, Florida. He is intrigued by William and by his desire to be a discoverer, and soon they "discover" a sketch by Modigliani that takes them on a journey of the nature of heroism, history of degenerate art & the Nazis. The lives of people in the past and the present are all interwined in this complex story where people aren't just good or bad but are just...people.

The Mysterious Edge of the Heroic World by e. l. Konigsburg is for mature readers in 7th grade and up.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Little Audrey by Ruth White is historical fiction about a young girl living in a coal mining camp during the Great Depression. As Audrey herself is struggling to recover from the illness which left her underweight and with bad vision, she has to also cope with the loss of a little sister that has left her mother with depression. Her father is an alcoholic mine worker who spends the little money he gets on drinking if he goes to work. There is always shortage of food and hunger lingers at home. The only two people who seem to notice her and like her for who she is, are her teacher and best friend Virgil and she loves them back because they are the only ones who seem to understand her.
Little Audrey's father dies in a car accident while drunk, which devastates the family even more, but ironically his death also brings the end of the tunnel in sight, as they become forced to move out of the mining camp. Her mother will now be able to earn money and bring it all home and Little Audrey and her three other sisters can go to a better school. For grades 5-8.
--Evelyn, Library Assistant

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Snacktime Readers met last night to talk about this month's book Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah. This is the true story of one very young Chinese girl who overcomes great odds to ultimately have a very successful life. Treated badly by her family because they considered her to be at fault for the death of her mother who died giving birth to her, she endures not only that loss, but also the loss of every other family member who was important to her. The story takes place in mainland China in the period right before WWII and gives the reader a glimpse of what life in China was like during that period.

While the group was small this month the discussion was lively. Here's how they rated Chinese Cinderella:

Brittany - 10 I loved this book. The fact that it was a true story was amazing. Even though it was very sad, it kept my interest and I could not put it down.

Jaime - 5 It was an interesting book but sometimes it was just too sad to keep reading.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


RAPUNZEL AND OTHER MAGIC FAIRY TALES selected and illustrated by Henriette Sauvant, and translated by Anthea Bell was a short but sweet conglomeration of some all-time favorite fairy tales and some I'd never heard. I was initially attracted to this collection of fairy tales because of it's size and beautiful cover page. I especially liked this collection because you could easily read these fairy tales out loud to a group of kids without losing their attention. The illustrations are gorgeous and tell a tale by themselves. A great book to read for grades 2 and up!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Booklovers Book Sale at Chevy Chase Branch

Saturday, September 26, 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday, September 27, 10 am - 4 pm
3301 East Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale, 91206

Worth the drive up the canyon! More than 15,000 used Library books for children and adults will be on sale. Proceeds will benefit the Chevy Chase Branch Library. The sale will include adult and children's books on all subjects and of all types; something for every book lover. Sponsored by the Friends of the Glendale Public Library.

Early Birds: On Saturday, September 26, Friends of the Library members can attend the sale from 7:30 - 9:30 a.m.

For more information call (818) 548-2047.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is a variation of the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs. Tio Jose and Tia Lupe own a taqueria in Texas. Three little tamales, two sisters and a brother want to run away from the taqueria before they can be eaten. They ran off into the desert. Each tamale built a little casita to live in. The first one build a house of sagebrush. The second build his casita of cornstalks, and the third builds hers out of cactus. Eventually Señor Lobo, the Big Bad Wolf, comes around looking for some lunch and with plans to blow their houses down.

Tamales are adorable, especially the smart one with her big glasses, and the brother with his dramatic eyebrows and mustache. Some Spanish words are scattered. There is a glossary at the front if you need help with the pronunciation. Pictures are wonderfully done. Written by Eric A. Kimmel. Illustrated by Valeria Docampo. For readers 4-8. Grades 1-2.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


There are many emotional animal stories dealing with adventure and tragedy, but none as poetically beautiful as THE UNDERNEATH by Kathi Appelt. Many creatures lurk in dark places, waiting to come out into the light. Some are evil, but some, like two frisky kittens and their mom, are innocent and curious. Unfortunately, from their home underneath the porch of a mean old man called Gar Face, the cat family and their trusty watch dog and companion Ranger rarely get to experience the light. When they dare to risk it, their lives are changed forever. Written with captivating imagery and the dark enchanting tone of a much more mature novel, this story will draw readers in to its tangled web of raw feelings and vivd personification of the many animal characters. Appropriate for grades 6 and up.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Library is pleased to announce this year's One Book / One Glendale...for younger readers selection, Poison Ivy by Glendale author Amy Goldman Koss. This book deals with the very important issue of bullying among peers and as the book cover states, it does so from several points of view.

There's a lot to talk about in this one and Snacktime Readers will be featuring this title for its October 28 meeting, more details to follow.

Ms. Koss will be speaking at the Central Library on Thursday, November 19 at 7:00 p.m.

For more information, please call the Library (818) 548-2035.

Monday, September 14, 2009


As a very young child, Eduardo Calcines had the good fortune of living in a small community in the town of Cienfuegos, Cuba, with loving parents and grandparents, close friends and economic security. However, all this changed in 1959 when Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba. Castro’s regime gradually took away almost all luxuries, many basic needs and even some fundamental human rights that people had enjoyed in Cuba before the Revolution. Hunger, fear and isolation became ways of life, particularly for families who did not join the Communist party and instead applied for exit visas to leave Cuba for the United States. Viewed as worms and traitors, Eduardo and his family lived through a series of tribulations and grievances while they waited to get selected by the Cuban immigration to leave the country. Eleven years passed before Eduardo and his family finally arrived to the United States.
This excellent memory will help readers to understand the struggles that people experienced under Castro’s leadership and the opportunities that come with freedom.
For readers ages 12-14. Grades 7-9. Written by Eduardo F. Calcines.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


In this bilingual story, children read aloud in various settings to celebrate El Dia de Los Niños, or Children’s Day. Includes facts about Mexico’s annual celebration of children and the book fiestas. A letter from the author and suggestions for celebrating el Dia de los Libros/Children’s Day/Book Day. Colorful illustrations. Bilingual edition written by Pat Mora, illustrated by Rafael Lopez. Kindergarten, Ages 3-6.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Anybody who has immigrated to this country or has family members who are immigrants will find great escape in reading this book, and those who never had to deal with immigration will find great appreciation and empathy towards it.

WINDS OF DESTINY by SERPOOHI CHRISTINE JAFFERIAN is an incredible story of human survival and adaptability. At times maybe this topic might sound cliche of some sort, but in life one must have the ability to cope and adapt in order to survive. Serpoohi who is the protagonist in the story takes everything that life bring in stride. With ease, she assimilates with different cultures without abandoning her roots.

It's not always easy to be a good person, to say the right things and to do the right things, however after reading this book, one can at least see the many possibilites...

For grades 5th and older.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Who better to be a private eye then a fly with eyes which can see almost 360 degree and therefore would have great observational skills. Joey and sidekick Sammy are hired by to find a stolen diamond pencil box. The two detectives wade through urban landscape, clues & insect suspects to track down the culprit.

Cleverly done in mostlly hues of blues to convey the sense of pulp fiction and black and white noir films of old. It's a fun cheeky story where all the characters are bugs and the bugs are characters.

Joey Fly Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime by Aaron Reynolds is a definite must read for those who like the Chet Gecko mysteries.

For 4th & up.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Coco, the carrot was living in a cold, small vegetable bin and she hated every minute of it. All of the other vegetables in the bin were as miserable as she was. But no one was as brave as Coco. She decides to take off and travel to Paris. Her journey takes a rocky turn when the chef of the ship decides to use her in his soup. However, she is able to escape and land to her dreamt destination. Coco the Carrot becomes an icon in the town. Designing beautiful hats for people all over the world...This is a fashionable, charming and creative story that will inspire you...COCO THE CARROT by STEVEN SALERNO is a runaway smash.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Octavio Rivera is an old man who enjoys the most beautiful dreams. At first Octavio tells no one, but as his dreams becom more vivid, he is eager to share them with somebody.... but who? He dares not to tell anyone in the family for fear they think he's going crazy, until finally he realizes that there is only one person that would understand and who loves dreams as much as he does, his granddaughter Regina.

Bilingual edition, written by Benjamin Alire Saenz, illustrated by Esau Andrade Valencia. Best for grades 2-3.