Monday, September 14, 2009


As a very young child, Eduardo Calcines had the good fortune of living in a small community in the town of Cienfuegos, Cuba, with loving parents and grandparents, close friends and economic security. However, all this changed in 1959 when Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba. Castro’s regime gradually took away almost all luxuries, many basic needs and even some fundamental human rights that people had enjoyed in Cuba before the Revolution. Hunger, fear and isolation became ways of life, particularly for families who did not join the Communist party and instead applied for exit visas to leave Cuba for the United States. Viewed as worms and traitors, Eduardo and his family lived through a series of tribulations and grievances while they waited to get selected by the Cuban immigration to leave the country. Eleven years passed before Eduardo and his family finally arrived to the United States.
This excellent memory will help readers to understand the struggles that people experienced under Castro’s leadership and the opportunities that come with freedom.
For readers ages 12-14. Grades 7-9. Written by Eduardo F. Calcines.

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