Monday, September 22, 2014


Ninja Red Riding Hood by Corey Rosen Schwartz and illustrated by Dan Santat is a whole mess of asian stuff thrown together in the story but somehow with Santat's illustrations i just had fun reading it.  It's very reminiscent of their previous collaboration of The Three Ninja Pigs.

This visually packed story about a boy practicing to be a ninja in his home where there's danger at every turn (napping father) is a fun read for all ages. Ninja! by Arree Chung definitely understands that every child has wanted to  be a ninja or at least thought about being one at some point in their life.  

For ages 3 and older. 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Postcards from Camp: A Postal Story by Simms Taback - classic camp story told in postcards and letters about one boy's reluctant first time away at summer camp and his father's attempts to keep everything upbeat with a hang in there attitude, buddy.  As they write back and forth you see the special father son relationship and you hope and wish that the little guy will eventually have a great time at camp.  

Reminiscent of the Camp Granada song, it a great book to take your time and read over every inch of it.  

For readers in 4th and up.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Passionate for Food? OR Are You a Food Critic?

Gladys Gatsby, an eleven year old, found herself in the middle of her kitchen, caught by her parents who displayed a shocking, disbelief when they found the kitchen curtains on fire. How? Well, all Gladys was trying to do was bake creme brulee!  Thanks to her aunt Lydia from Paris, Gladys' passion for baking started at the age of six.  Gladys would cook and bake while her parents were at work and they were completely unaware of her active role as a "chef." Gladys' passion was so strong that she could not keep away from the kitchen. She knew that her parents would disapprove of her using any kitchen appliances; this was a big no-no. However, the creme brulee disaster revealed her baking secrets and put an end to the kitchen activities for six months. Gladys' punishment included making friends, spending time on the computer among other ridiculous activities. 

Join Gladys as she goes through a series of crazy adventures to follow her passion and find out what Gladys would become.   

Tara Dairman's, All Four Stars is a fun, light read that encourages everyone to chase after their goals. 

For readers in grades 4-7.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014


 Set in the summer of 1963, the Beatles and the Beach Boys are the hot musical groups. The country is on the verge of making what turns out to be a very unpopular decision, to go to war in Viet Nam. While the rest of the world is in the midst of either musical or political turmoil, people living in Hamilton, Missouri, population 1701, have settled in to their summer routines of barbeques and swimming at the community pool. For 13-year-old Tree Taylor, whose main goal that summer was to earn a spot as the only freshman on the high school newspaper and to get her first kiss, finds there is a lot more to worry about when the sound of a rifle firing is heard in her neighborhood. In response to those shots her father, the only doctor in town, dashes out the door while warning her to stay put. Ignoring that warning, Tree sure that this shooting is destined to be her big story, discovers instead that as with most stories there is more than one version. 

Spend some time with Tree in her small town as she grapples with the quandary of keeping a secret or exposing the truth in Dandi Dailey Mackall’s THE SECRETS OF TREE TAYLOR. 

For grades 5-8.

A review by the Central branch's librarian Theresa. 

Monday, September 08, 2014


Don't forget that all storytimes and programs are up and running this week.  Pick up a monthly events flyer at each branch or check our list of events online.

Saturday, September 06, 2014


All toddlers, come dance and sing along with us Monday morning at 10:30 a.m. on September 8th next door at the Adult Recreation Center instead of the library auditorium.  

Wave some scarves, ring some bells, jump around to some great music.  

Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Ten-year-old Star Mackie moved to a trailer park in California from Oregon with her mother and sister. Although she sees that her sister Winter is very unhappy with their mother for making them live in a trailer and having to go to an alternative high school, Star has a more positive outlook. She tries to make friends at her school, which is not helped by the fact that her mom's hairdresser friend gave her a layered blue hairstyle which immediately gets mistaken for a mullet. But Star is not hindered. Determined to have her schoolmates understand that living in a trailer is not so bad, she decides to start a trailer park club at her school. Star encounters kindness and adversity from students and teachers, and manages to overcome all her challenges with strength and optimism.

Hope is a Ferris Wheel by Robin Herrera is a realistic fiction novel that helps its readers understand the diverse experiences of other children. Star Mackie is not so different from other ten-year-olds in her school, except for the fact that she does not live in a big house like many of her classmates. But far from focusing on the hardships of being poor, Star focuses on things in her life that make it normal. This lively protagonist is sure to capture the readers' hearts.

For grades 6 and up.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Under the Hood by Merlin  - Lift the flaps and find out what's wrong with Mr. Bear's car.  You'll be in for a big surprise.
 Woody Guthrie's Riding in My Car by Scott Menchin has fun movable parts and pop ups making this a happy trip for everyone.  Sing along with the dog family as they drive across the country. 

Here are two amazing movable and lift flap books available for check-out.  
For readers ages 3 and older.  


All Glendale libraries will be closed Saturday, August 30 - Monday, Sept 1. 

Even though our libraries will be closed, you can still access the online catalog, download an ebook, download  music, get information in the databases or place books on hold.  You just need your library card and pin number.

See you all Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Paperboy is a historical fiction novel set in Memphis, Tennessee in 1959. It is about an eleven-year-old boy who takes over his friend's paper route when his friend goes out of town. The only problem is that Victor stutters, making everyday conversation difficult. He has to pick his words carefully, because certain letters, or combinations of letters, are much more difficult for him than others. Wanting more than anything to be normal like other children his age, he does not talk too much, and only chooses words he can pronounce. However, there are two people he can talk to freely - his family's maid "Mam" who he is very close to, and Mr. Spiro, a man he meets on his paper route who is not fazed by his stuttering problem. When a local junkman Ara T. starts making trouble for Victor, he has to overcome his fears to fight back.

Paperboy  is a beautifully written short novel loosely based on author Vince Vawter's own speech impediment. It focuses on something most of us take granted - the ability to express ourselves with words - and makes us think about how we view others who talk differently. But despite its important message, this book is a quick read with a bit of a mystery and some action. It will capture the readers' hearts and make a lasting impression.

For grades 4 and up.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Mathilda's Cat likes to do whatever Matilda does, but does she really?  Another lovely story with beautiful illustrations by by Emily Gravett.  

Two new Pete the Cat books will have everyone singing along with him to these favorite ditties as one pages through the books.  Pete the Cat- the Wheels on the Bus and Pete the Cat - Old MacDonald Had a Farm by James Dean.  

For readers from toddlers through Kindergarten. 

Friday, August 22, 2014


Mason Dixon has completed third grade and is gearing up to start fourth grade.  However, his mother is already pressuring him to start thinking of all the extra curricula activities that he should get involved in, specifically singing.  The problem is that Mason has been traumatized so badly that singing for him would be like diving into a pool of dead frogs.  Unfortunately, the fact that he needs to remind his mother of the dreadful incident that took place couple of years ago is making him to feel even more traumatized.

Funny, cute and a charming easy chapter book, especially for boys.    Mason Dixon: Fourth Grade Disasters by Claudia Mills.

Grades 3rd and up.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014


“I have a garden” a playful dog announces on the first page of the book. And as the reader goes on to discover all the variety of the different animals that the garden has, the pages of the book become filled with more animals and flowers. Showing even more illustrations of lushes flowers and animated animals and insects.  

However, all the flowers and the animals belong to him because the garden is HIS.  But can this be possible?  Beautiful things are to be shared, so how can the dog be convinced that the garden belongs to everyone?  

This particular picture book is so colorful and vibrant that after reading it, I wanted to literally jump inside the pages and smell all the flowers and play with all the animals.   It is a fun and easy book that will even be great for a read aloud.  I Have a Garden by Bob Barner

Pre-k to 1st grade 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Odessa is a smart, funny and a very generous person who is worried about her family, her parents’ divorce and how she is going to make it through fourth grade.  Above all else, what she really wishes is a way she will be able to turn back the time to fix all that is bothering her.  If only she could have this super power! 

Well, there is a saying which goes something like this…”be careful of what you wish for” because, your wish might come true and you might not be able to handle the outcome of those particular wishes…

One day she finds herself having that same particular power of turning back time and ‘fixing’ things…She succeeds in fixing the easer things in her life of course, and every time she fixes a smaller problem, she feels more in control of her faith… But of course, she is way too young to see that sometimes, in life you have to let nature and your own fate to guide and lead you to the right direction.   Hence, her realizing that perhaps there is a reason why her parents are divorced or why her own brother needs to be selective when it comes to finding friends. 

Literally, this enchanted story will make fall in love with Odessa and her adventures.  
Odessa Again by Dana Reinhardt is truly a fun read that will make your heart a little fuzzier and your smile a little brighter. 

For grades 5th and up.  

Monday, August 18, 2014


Imagine if you had the power to change into any shape or power.  Or if you could be in charge of the weather at all times. What would you do?  Would you become the sun or the moon?  Or would you make it rain all year long so that people would not want to leave their homes?  Legends and myths are just that, stories about gods and goddesses who possess supernatural powers. 

The most famous Gods and Goddesses originated from the Greeks; however the Romans decided to have their own so they adopted many of the Greek myths. 

In this Classic Starts series, all the stories are abridged so you don’t need to read many pages to learn about the amazing powers of these very powerful creatures.   

Roman Myths by Diane Namn is a simple and very easy read that will truly be enjoyed by girls and boys.

For grades 3 and up.