Wednesday, July 30, 2008


HARVESTING HOPE: THE STORY OF CESAR CHAVEZ written by Kathleen Krull and illustrated by Yuyi Morales is a beautifully illustrated, very wordy picture book about the life of Cesar Chavez, starting from when he was a very young boy enjoying life with his family in Arizona. The text does a good job of retelling Chavez’s history, and appeals to audiences of all ages. There are a lot of good vocabulary-building terms, and readers will come away with more than a story of Cesar Chavez's life. The illustrations were given the Pura Belpre honor, and the beautiful artwork incorporates hand-made stamps and computer generated cut-outs. The scenes are realistic and the colors have deep earth tones. Not all picture books are for small children, and this title is perfect for 3rd grade and up.

Monday, July 28, 2008


In PLAYING LOTERIA by Rene Colato Lainez a young boy feels inadequate when he speaks Spanish to his grandmother, bringing out a common problem for children and grandchildren of immigrants. This bi-lingual title will help readers to learn how to overcome a language barrier by working hard to learn the native language of their family members.

For readers in grades 1 to 3.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Ali is a young boy who lives in Baghdad where bombs and missiles are destroying everything around him. However, he is such a strong boy that he refuses to let his spirit be broken in any way. His love for calligraphy gives him the hope to try to stay alive so that he can continue to make beautiful calligraphy just like his hero Yakut.

Yakut is one of the most famous calligraphist who also happened to be living in Baghdad during the 1258 war when the Mongols attacked his county.

The illustrations in the book are just beautiful with a lot of rich earthy colors with some Arabic writing. This story is poetic, informative and heartbreaking.


For grades 2nd through 6th.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A summer visit to Grandma’s is usually pretty ordinary—good food, a change of scenery and doting Grandmother, sound’s normal doesn’t it? For the most part it is but when your Grandmother owns a haunted bed-and-breakfast that might not be the case. 12-year old Travis and his younger sister Corey go off to spend the summer with their Grandmother in Vermont and are delighted when they discover that the inn is supposed to be haunted by at least one ghost. Deciding to help the ghostly reputation along and boost business they create a few ghostly effects for the guests but in the process set off a rather creepy chain of events. This one is the perfect choice for lovers of the spooky and supernatural.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


There are things in your life that will always offer you comfort. For Sharron, The Friskative Dog is just that. Even though it's just a stuffed animal, Sharron treats it like a real puppy dog. It sleeps with her every night, and even has a leash and special purple collar. THE FRISKATIVE DOG by Susan Straight is about a little girl who's Daddy has disappeared. Her mom and grandma hope for his safe return, but the only comfort Sharron has is her stuffed dog. She is also in the 4th grade, and she does her best to deal with the sadness of her lost dad and the ups and downs of school. Good thing The Friskative Dog is there for her every night. For 3rd - 6th grade.

Friday, July 18, 2008


School is over but your teachers said you have to read this summer ....or else

Your parents insist that you read something besides a magazine.

Well, here's a short list of reading possibilities! The kids in these books are not having quite the summer they had expected either.

Moxy Maxwell does Not Love Stuart Little - A girl has to read Stuart Little but does everything she can to avoid reading it. For those of you who like big words and weird photographs illustrating the story. 3rd -4th

Lemonade War - a really short book about a younger sister who is smarter than her older brother. They compete to see who can sell more lemonade the summer before they have to start school together in the same class. Beware, there's math involved in the story. 4th-6th

Amelia's Are We There yet, Longest Car Trip Ever - If you've ever been on a road trip stuck in a car with a brother or sister, then you'll know exactly what this book is about. Another journal in the Amelia's series. 4th-6th

Summer School: What Genius Thought That Up - A boy has to go to take summer class and get a really good grade so he can have fun. Another story in the Hank Zipzer series, the one where the boy has a learning disabilty. 4-6th

Nicky Deuce Welcome to the Family - A boy is sent to spend the summer with his grandmother in Brooklyn, where he learns about his Italian- American heritage. His uncle takes him under his wings and show him the neighborhood- so very different than the suburbs. 4th-6th

The Penderwicks - If you want to impress them with an award winning book, read this one. During their annual summer vacation,the kids in this family meet the boy from the main house. They feel sorry for him and show him how to have fun. 4th-6th

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Did you know that the Aztecs in Mexico soothed aching gums with peanut paste?
Chances are that you have eaten a peanut butter sandwich at least once in your life time. In fact, it probably is one of your favorite things ever.
However, you probably don't know much about the crop itself. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE PEANUT by CHARLES MICUCCI is one of those books that you can read as fiction or non-fiction. It tells you all the interesting and fascinating facts about it and it also includes a timeline as well as a glossary of some difficult words.

For grades 2nd and up!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


More a collage of everyday items than a straight novel, we follow Ginny's hopeful first year in middle school. She wants to have the perfect hair but it doens't go quite as plan. She'd like to get the role of the sugar plum fairy but she is part of the "ensemble" instead. A really fun peek at one girl's daily life. Nothing goes as plan and everything in her life seems to be falling apart.

Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf by Jennifer Holm, is a perfect book for someone looking to read something quirky and different.

For middle schoolers.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ryan and Jimmy

When six year old Ryan learned in school that there are many parts in the world that don't have clean water to drink, he wanted to do something really badly. By doing chorus around his house, he was able to raise about $70 on his own to help build water wells in Africa. However, that amount would merely be what was needed to undertake such a big project. His eagerness and enthusiasm for the wells in Africa become international news and he starts collecting thousands of dollars for his fund. While doing so he begins to befriend Jimmy who happens to live in Africa and as their friendship progresses, the rebels in Africa are threatening Jimmy's school and his life becomes in jeopardy. Ryan's family who live in Canada do everything possible to bring Jimmy to Canada. You will really be inspired and motivated after reading this true story about a boy who helped build thousands of wells in Africa.
For grades fourth and up.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Sent to stay with his aunt and uncle in Kansas after the disappearance of his parents, Henry discovers some very strange things going on at the farm. This visit gives him a chance to broaden his horizons and live a life most kids take for granted, one that includes such common place activities as baseball and bar-b-ques. But one night when the plaster starts chipping off the ceiling of his attic bedroom and part of a door is exposed, all that changes. Henry and his cousin discover another world behind those doors which they start to explore and are ultimately drawn into a major struggle to save themselves and the rest of the family. 100 Cupboards by Nathan Wilson is a well done fantasy story that is the first of a planned series.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Paris is forced to take piano lessons from Mrs. Rosen with her older brother as chaperone. Paris is sassy while Mrs. Rosen is funny and a great storyteller. The strong willed twosome form a unique friendship over stories of the Holocaust, pre-war Europe and her brother Michael. But when Paris innocently wears a yellow star, given to her by Mrs. Rosen, to school, a chain reaction is set off.

This is a beautifully written and moving novel about one young girl making sense of life. Vive La Paris by Esme Raji Codell is for mature middle school readers due to the topics presented in the novel, deaths, teenage pregnancy, etc.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Middle school can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re interested in being popular. But is it really worth it? Claudia and her good friends, Monica and Becca, don’t think so. Check out their ideas for being true to themselves, and find out how they maintain a real friendship. This slim novel is wonderful for the middle school girl who is learning to be comfortable with herself and her peers.

Best for 6th grade and up.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Have a great Fourth of July. The Library will be open Saturday, July 5 at 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Fourth of July is fast approaching and your long weekend will probably be filled with many activities. Take ten minutes out of your time and read this beautiful book about America!

ACROSS AMERICA, I LOVE YOU is written by CHRISTINE LOOMIS and illustrated by KATE KIESLER. This is a small book that poetically pays tribute to this wonderful country. It tells us about it's great landscapes, rocky mountains, from the east coast to the west, from the changing of the weathers to it's oceans and rivers.

For grades 2nd and up!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Spirituals, ragtime, blues. Jazz roots, soul expressions, gospel prayers. A wide history of music brought from Africa to the United States makes up an entire culture of life and music. Poetry intertwines with visual art to create the most vibrant, lyrical portrayal of African American music history. Literally without missing a beat, the poems rhythmic flow sound like music in your head, while at the same time describe the different musical genres that are rooted in this diverse history. i see the rhythm, written by Toyomi Igus includes vivid, colorful paintings by Michelle Wood illustrating the text. Reading this book means more than looking at words on a page - it means experiencing history, hearing the paintings, and seeing the music. For grades 4 and up.