Friday, July 18, 2008


School is over but your teachers said you have to read this summer ....or else

Your parents insist that you read something besides a magazine.

Well, here's a short list of reading possibilities! The kids in these books are not having quite the summer they had expected either.

Moxy Maxwell does Not Love Stuart Little - A girl has to read Stuart Little but does everything she can to avoid reading it. For those of you who like big words and weird photographs illustrating the story. 3rd -4th

Lemonade War - a really short book about a younger sister who is smarter than her older brother. They compete to see who can sell more lemonade the summer before they have to start school together in the same class. Beware, there's math involved in the story. 4th-6th

Amelia's Are We There yet, Longest Car Trip Ever - If you've ever been on a road trip stuck in a car with a brother or sister, then you'll know exactly what this book is about. Another journal in the Amelia's series. 4th-6th

Summer School: What Genius Thought That Up - A boy has to go to take summer class and get a really good grade so he can have fun. Another story in the Hank Zipzer series, the one where the boy has a learning disabilty. 4-6th

Nicky Deuce Welcome to the Family - A boy is sent to spend the summer with his grandmother in Brooklyn, where he learns about his Italian- American heritage. His uncle takes him under his wings and show him the neighborhood- so very different than the suburbs. 4th-6th

The Penderwicks - If you want to impress them with an award winning book, read this one. During their annual summer vacation,the kids in this family meet the boy from the main house. They feel sorry for him and show him how to have fun. 4th-6th

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