Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's not easy to get separated from your dad, move away from friends and family and start living a brand new life with just a mother. But that is precisely what Dyamonde Daniel did. She is a precocious little girl who refuses to let anything bad affect her mood or her life. She doesn't really like to brag about how smart she is either, but at the same time she can't figure out why she doesn't have any friends...
She has gone through a lot of changes in her short life and is eager to find some sort of peace and comfort.
She makes a friend whose name is Reed. Reed likes to read. He gets teased a lot because here is Reed who likes to read. However, Dyamonde is not like the others, she becomes best of friends with Reed and together not only they read but start many new adventures. MAKE WAY FOR DYAMONDE DANIEL is by NIKKI GRIMES and the pictures are by R. GREGORY CHRISTIE.

For grades 2nd-4th.

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