Wednesday, December 23, 2009


His carefree mother finally got a grant to photograph China so that means Julian is sent to stay with his wealthy aunt and uncle. His little cousin is cool, but all he can think about is a whole summer with his awful aunt and mean uncle who hated his father. It seems they don't even want him around but intend to send him away for to math camp. MATH CAMP!? That's like not having summer vacation at all!

Julian and his friends set in a motion a plan that will take care of two things at once: to actually have a fun summer vacation and to see these redwoods that his uncle's company is trying to cut down and sell for a huge profit.

Set in Northern California, five kids set out to save a grove of almost extinct trees taller than the Statue of Liberty and older than the United States. Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French is a great story about kids who act on what they believe in even if the ending is a bit unrealistic. But that's why this is fiction. Great for readers 6th-8th grades.

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