Thursday, August 21, 2014


“I have a garden” a playful dog announces on the first page of the book. And as the reader goes on to discover all the variety of the different animals that the garden has, the pages of the book become filled with more animals and flowers. Showing even more illustrations of lushes flowers and animated animals and insects.  

However, all the flowers and the animals belong to him because the garden is HIS.  But can this be possible?  Beautiful things are to be shared, so how can the dog be convinced that the garden belongs to everyone?  

This particular picture book is so colorful and vibrant that after reading it, I wanted to literally jump inside the pages and smell all the flowers and play with all the animals.   It is a fun and easy book that will even be great for a read aloud.  I Have a Garden by Bob Barner

Pre-k to 1st grade 

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