Saturday, January 16, 2016


The Moon is Going to Addy's House written and illustrated by Ida Pearle takes a simple but universal idea and turns it into an inventively breathtaking picture book. On her way home with her family after a playdate at her friend's house, Addy is intent on watching the moon in the sky as it appears to follow her along the way. 

Pearle uses the perspective in her brilliant cut-paper art in mesmorizing ways to relate that familiar childhood feeling that the moon is moving across the sky as you travel, alternately high and low, near and far. The simple yet rhythmic text--"Look way up high and way down low. There it is, still!"--pairs seamlessly with the dreamy illustrations to explore this enigmatic natural phenomenon. 

This versatile book is perfect both for sharing with a group or exploring one-on-one at bedtime with toddlers and preschoolers alike. 

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