Thursday, January 14, 2016


Everyone loves Bacon: Egg, Waffle, Pancake, Hot dog, Pickle, Chile, Garlic... and especially Bacon himself. French Toast doesn’t love Bacon, but that’s because French Toast apparently doesn’t like anyone. Bacon plays the ukulele, tells funny jokes, drives fancy cars, wears fancy hats, and grows a fancy mustache-- and everyone knows that fancy mustaches are amazingly lovable.

Bacon thoroughly enjoys his sizzling celebrity status, but as his fame heats up and spreads from his local 24-hour diner home he begins to snub his old friends. After all, what’s a delicious breakfast food to do when everyone loves you and you smell so good?

Kelly Dipucchio’s Everyone Loves Bacon, illustrated by Eric Wight, is a quirky cautionary tale about the dangers of hubris. It’s a food punny picture book with a premise so ridiculous it’s bound to elicit giggles from listeners. Share this delicious story just before breakfast... with a toast to bacon!

Ages 4+

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