Saturday, January 09, 2016


If you could travel to the imaginary world to find a cure, would you? Ben and Pearl from Buttonville do!  Ben is a ten-year-old whose parents are going through a rough patch and Pearl is Ben’s new friend who loves adventure and allows her curiosity to get her in trouble.  When Mrs. Mulberry, the snoopy committee president, needed to visit Dr. Woo the duo knew they were in trouble.  

Ben and Pearl could not allow anyone to find out that there was a portal to the imaginary world inside Dr. Woo’s hospital but that was not the only problem the two faced. Ben and Pearl learn that both Dr. Woo and the Sasquatch have fallen ill with Troll Tonsillitis which can spread throughout the town within hours. Now it’s up to Ben and Pearl to find a cure from the imaginary world.

Read the Griffin’s Riddle by Susanne Selfors to find out if the duo was able to help the Dr. Woo and the Sasquatch or did the entire town of Buttonville catch Troll Tonsillitis. The fifth book of the Imaginary Veterinary is filled with mythical creatures and fun riddles.

For grades 3-6

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