Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Petsitting a temperamental creature is no easy task―especially when that pet happens to be a full grown, fire breathing dragon. When Eddie’s family agrees to care for his Uncle Morton’s unusual pet, they have no idea what to expect. They certainly aren’t prepared for burnt curtains, noxious poop, ravaged refrigerators, crisped petunias, and singed mailmen.
Eddie narrates the dragon’s escapades through, largely unanswered, emails to his Uncle Morton. The dragon’s bad behavior continues to escalate with each frantic message, and if you think dog poop on your bedroom carpet is bad, just imagine cleaning up after a vindictive dragon! Soon Eddie’s irate mother is appealing to local zoos, animal shelters, and even the fire department for help. Problematically, when you’re dealing with mythical creatures people tend not to believe you... or they think you’re crazy.
Josh Lacey’s The Dragonsitter is a humorous epistolary chapter book, told through fraught email exchanges and picture attachments.
The first in series for grades 2-4.

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