Thursday, April 07, 2016


Tromping through the forest like a gleeful toddler, an endearing blue monster greets all the local sights: “Hello, tree. Hello, Clouds. Hello, Butterfly.” Suddenly, the monster chances upon a group of colorful “BUNNIES!!!” Understandably spooked, the bunnies speedily flee, leaving behind the despondent little monster, who soldiers on in hopes of catching the elusive “BUNNIES!! BUNNIES!! BUNNIES!!!”
Kevan Atteberry’s Bunnies!!! perfectly captures the emotional highs and lows of young children’s days, appealingly illustrating their unexpected fixations (and limited attention spans). It’s a lovely story to share with your own toddler friend.
For another simple story about toddlers’ emotional experiences, try Ed Vere’s Banana!
Ages 2+

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