Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Louis I:  King of the Sheep  by Olivier Tallec

An accidental crown rolls onto Louis the Sheep's head and he becomes KING! This leads to all types of kingly things, like having a scepter, making speeches to his flock and hunting lions, until one day the wind blows off his crown and there ends his reign as King of the Sheeps. An unusual morality tale translated from the French original about how easy things come and go.  

Steve, Raised by Wolves:  The story of a wild boy and his first day of school by Jared Chapman

A boy raised by a wolf mom has a hard time adjusting to school, but his mom keeps encouraging him to be himself and all will be fine.  Howling while on top of the desk , pouncing on other students and drinking from the toilet bowl is just not good behavior when you're in school. But when the class pet hamster goes missing, his wolf skills lead the class on a search to find the missing rodent and he finally finds his stride with his classmates.   Simple clear illustrations make this a fun story.  

A Beginner's Guide to Bear Spotting by Michelle Robinson illustrated by David Roberts 

Brown bear and black bear are two different types of bears you see in the woods and depending on which you encounter will determine your behavior.  Playing dead or running can have lethal consequences if you do the wrong thing with the wrong bear.  But what is a boy to do when he encounters BOTH,  a black bear AND a brown bear!  A treacherous yet hilarious walk for one little boy. What's the moral of this story i ask?!

These stories are great for readers from 3 and up. 

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