Friday, April 22, 2016


What happens when two friends have vastly different personalities and notions of friendship? Quiet and introspective, Bear would happily while away the day alone, while friendly and effusive Duck would prefer to do just about everything with his best friend.

Poor Bear! All he wants is a quiet morning to himself. With a cup of steaming tea, a selection of books, and a reclining chair, Bear is ready to start his relaxing day. His solitary plans are foiled, however, when his garrulous friend and neighbor, Duck, comes knocking at his door peddling conversation and exercise. Bear’s dismay is palpable throughout the story as he morosely responds to Duck’s ceaseless chatter. Though in the end it’s a bewildered Bear who reassures his friend, “I love you already!”

I Love You Already! by author Jory John and illustrator Benji Davies is an introvert’s nightmare. But it’s also a lighthearted reminder that, though we might express our feelings differently, we can still love our friends all the same. Read more about Bear and Duck in Goodnight, Already!

For another humorous tale of reluctant friendships, check out Peter Brown’s You Will Be My Friend!

Ages 4+

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