Monday, April 04, 2016


I don't normally read train books or alphabet books, usually a quick glance through will suffice, but the cover art caught my eye. I noticed the power lines in the background are actually held up by letters. Very clever. I decided to take give it a more thorough look through and Alphabet Trains by Samantha R. Vamos and illustrated by Ryan O'Rourke is a delightful book filled with different types of trains from a to z. The main body of the book is written in short, single, informative sentences but the back two pages are a fount of information on the real trains that inspired this book. 

The author and illustrator have put together a great train and alphabet book that everyone will love to read. It certainly made me think about taking one of these train rides. Perhaps the next vacation will include a terrific train trip or a fabulous funicular field trip.

For ages 1 and up.  

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