Saturday, April 30, 2016

What would you do if your grandma was a ninja? Well for Ethan, it's all a reality. Not only does his grandma teach the other students karate moves, but Ethan and his grandma zip line to school while all the other children have to take the bus. The students find her pretty cool up until she accidentally deflates the team's soccer ball. Ethan and all the students get very upset and that's when he wishes his grandma was just normal. Can Ethan forgive her? Read this story to find out. 

"My Grandma’s a Ninja," by author Todd Tarpley and illustrator Danny Chatzikonstantinou is an interesting and funny story about a grandma who happens to be a ninja. This is a great story to be shared with a grandchild and it also makes for a good read-aloud for children ages 3 and up.     

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