Monday, July 14, 2014


Thirteen-year-old Margaret O’Malley’s world is turned upside down when the corrupt Judge Biggs sentences her father to death for burning down a Victory Fuels building and killing a person trapped inside. Margaret knows that her father did not do it, and that his sentencing was in retaliation for uncovering a secret that Victory Fuels wanted to keep hidden at any cost. Desperate to save his life, Margaret decides to do the thing that she knows she shouldn’t – use the O’Malley gift to go back in time to change the events that made Lucas Biggs into the man who sentenced an innocent man to die. But Margaret will discover that changing the past means more than changing history, and that no one is beyond saving - from themselves or others.

Saving Lucas Biggs is a page-turner with lots of mystery, action, history, and a touch of science fiction, and will appeal to boys and girls in grades 5 and up.

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