Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The year is not certain but the story is set in the future where the world has become a very different one than ours. It is hot, very hot and has been that way as long as Devin can remember. He is one of the lucky ones as he and his grandfather live on a farm in a hidden idyllic oasis. While they had to work hard to keep up with the chores, life was good for them. When the grandfather suddenly dies, Devin must leave the safety of the hidden valley to find help to keep the farm going. What he finds instead is a nightmare of a society where children are left to their own devices and everyone has to lie, steal and cheat to survive. After a chance encounter with an older boy named Kit, the opportunity to escape the dark reality of the city to what sounds like paradise is offer him and he readily accepts. 

Devin soon finds out that Paradise is not all that it was promised to be in Tania Unsworth’s, The One Safe Place a thrilling adventure story for readers in grades 5-8.

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