Monday, July 07, 2014


What happens when a sloth needs to hurry? Sloth receives a phone call informing him that he’s won a shopping spree at a store downtown. While he’s not exactly sure what a “spree” is, Sloth is very excited and knows he will have to hurry to make it to the store to claim his prize. The problem, however, is that sloths are not known for their speed. He tries various methods of getting to the store- zip-lining down the clothesline, riding an ice cream truck, and even hang gliding. Will sloth make it to the store in time? Will he have enough energy to race through the store for his shopping spree or will he need to take a nap?

Lost Sloth by J. Otto Seibold really showcases Seibold’s signature offbeat illustration style and storytelling. This is a great choice for storytimes and listeners won’t be able to help chiming in with the recurring phrase “Hurry, Sloth” on each page.

For preschool and older.

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