Friday, July 25, 2014


Two book reviews by Lilian our 4th grade library patron: 

Sky the Blue Fairy by Daisy Meadows

This story is about one fairy, two girls, some goblins, and their leader.  The names of the characters are Sky, Rachel and Kirsty, and Jack Frost.  The two girls are having a vacation on Rainspell Island.  The fairy got lost because Jack Frost cast a spell.  The two are trying to find a fairy named Sky, but they find a crab.  The crab leads the two girls to a tide pool, and dips its claw into the tide pool then takes it out, then goes away.  The two girls then try to find the fairy when they find the fairy it was in a bubble, in the tide pool.  Then there came some ice and froze the tide pool.  Since the fairy king and queen gave them packetful of magic they used it to un-freeze the ice.  Then they took out the fairy and popped the bubble.  At the end the fairy is found by the two girls.

Danielle the Daisy Fairy by Daisy Meadows
This story is about three girls, a fairy, a lot of goblins, and a magic petal. The names of the girls are Rachel, Kirsty, and Rebecca (they are best friends), the name of the fairy is Danielle, and the name of the goblins' leader is Jack Frost.  The goblins stole the petal from Fairyland.  The two girls and the fairy need to get it back from the goblin when they meet another girl and she helps them get the petal back.  When they get the petal back the fairy uses her wand to make a rope with daisies on it to tie a knot with all the goblins in it.  The petal was stuck on the goblin’s foot.  When the other goblins saw that one of the goblins was sitting down they got mad.  He was making something .The goblin that was sitting down was singing very noisily. I like this story because I like how the girls were making good choices.

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