Monday, July 28, 2014


It all starts with a vacuum cleaner.  One summer afternoon Flora Belle Buckman is drawn to witness what could only be described as a jet plane in the neighbors’ backyard, but turns out to be  a new powerful Ulysses 2000X vacuum cleaner gone berserk. When the vacuum cleaner sucks up one very hungry squirrel, Flora puts all the knowledge she’s gained from reading comic books to use and resuscitates the poor creature. But the last thing she expects to see is the newly revived squirrel lifting the vacuum cleaner over his head. Believing that the squirrel has gained superhero powers after the vacuum cleaner attack, Flora names him Ulysses, and the adventure begins.

Flora and Ulysses by Kate diCamillo is a wacky adventure that is heartwarming and laugh-out-loud funny, and every bit deserving of its 2014 Newbery Medal. One lovable heroine, an even more lovable squirrel, and a slightly annoying (yet somewhat lovable) boy make a winning team against malfeasance of all kinds in a fond tribute to superhero stories and comic books. 

For grades  4 and up.

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