Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Ned Mouse Breaks Away by Tim Wynn-Jones: A review by Lilian a 4th grade library patron: 

This is a story about Ned the mouse, the warden, the keeper and Morty.  Ned is in jail and he is very desperate to get out.  He went to the cafeteria and got a spoon to dig himself out and ended up in the warden’s dessert.  The warden called for his guards and they took him back to his cell.  Ned became more anxious to get out of jail.  

One day Ned’s friend Morty sent a note.  After that, Ned sent his different body parts to Morty’s place.  Then when Ned was sending his last body part he made a replica and a recording of himself to trick the warden.  

 I like this story, especially the part where Ned sent his body parts to Morty.

For readers in 2nd-4th grades.

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