Friday, January 10, 2014



Everything changes in the blink of an eye for 11 year old Early Pearl and her family.  One minute they’re laughing and playing, dreaming about making a home in Chicago and the next minute Early’s father, Dash, has disappeared, leaving the Pearl family struggling to stay afloat and making their way through the city’s homeless shelters. There are many questions swirling around Dash’s disappearance:  Was he kidnapped?  Who is the mysterious “Al” that Dash was working with?  What do they know about the world largest diamond heist that happened half a world away and nearly a decade ago?

Early channels her father’s love of language and literature and sets out in search of clues. Everywhere she turns there are hidden clues, from the rhythm of Langston Hugh’s poetry to secrets hidden away at the Chicago Public Library. It’s a race against the clock as Early delves deeper and deeper into her father’s disappearance.

Like her other outstanding novels for young readers, Hold Fast by Blue Balliett  is a great read for someone who loves a good mystery and can appreciate the power of language.  
Grades 5 and up

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