Thursday, January 02, 2014


John and Marta find a young boy asleep on their porch one morning.  They are not sure where this boy came from.  Since Jacob does not speak, it is difficult for them to ask him questions about himself and his family.  The only thing they find is a note in his pocket asking them to “Plees taik kair of Jacob…wil be bak wen we can.”  They decide to honor the request and take care of Jacob until they return for him.  Since John and Marta do not have children of their own and Jacob, the first child they care for, does not speak, the three of them are still able to build a very strong connection.  For quite some time, they live together like a family but their future together remains uncertain.  Would Jacob stay with John and Marta or would his family come back?
The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech is a beautifully written story about a loving boy who transforms the lives of a young couple who discover their new found passion for parenting. This heartfelt story is recommended for children grades 4 and up.  It would also make for a great read aloud. 

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