Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Willow Chance feels like she's running out of chances.  Her favorite number is 7, but she doesn't want to use 7 chances on life and she's already starting number 3.  Given up as a baby, her wonderful parents adopted her and loved her for all her character and uniqueness (which her classmates call weirdness) - like her obsession with medical diseases and her favorite outfit which includes gardening pants and an obsession with the number seven.  Her uniqueness has left Willow with very few friends, up until a few weeks ago when she learned vietnamese, gained 2 friends, and was sent to mandatory counseling by her school.  Now, though, as her counselor pulls up to her driveway and she sees the police but not her parents, Willow wonders if the third time is the charm or if she'll have to keep trying to find stability over and over again.

Join Willow on the path through social acceptance, grief, and the path towards a new life in Holly Goldberg Sloan's novel, Counting by 7s for students in grades 6 and up.

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