Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Over the years Dan Santat has put out some amazing illustrated works for different authors.  His two latest ones are Picture Day Perfection by Deborah Diesen and Oh No! Not Again by Mac Barnett

It's hard sometimes to match an author's words with the right illustrations.  Sometimes you read a book and think how much better it would be if only it had different pictures or the pictures are great but the story could be better.  Well, whoever put these two authors with Dan Santat made beautiful matches.  

In Picture Day Perfection, you're reading along thinking that this poor kid is having a run of really bad luck on this most important day, picture day.  The boy has the perfect combination of horrible disasters happen all the way up to the time it's his turn to have his picture taken . It turned out PERFECT... according to his mom. 

In this sequel to Oh No! or How I Destroyed the World, a girl builds a time machine in order to get a better grade in her history project, but the invention winds up being taken for a joy ride and her plan fails fantastically. 

The stories are fun but coupled with Santat's illustrations, these stories were hilarious and picture book perfect, as are his other works, Crankenstein, Dog in Charge, Tom's Tweet, and so on.  

For readers from preschool and up.  

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