Tuesday, January 07, 2014



Billy Miller starts the second grade year with trials and tribulations.  With a bump on his head from a fall he took during summer, the damage might have caused him to not be fit for the second grade.  He also experiences some bullying from a classmate who sits right next to him.  If that is not enough, he thinks his behavior might have caused his teacher to dislike him.  As the school year passes, Billy experiences many difficult times but throughout the book, with the help of his family and teacher, he learns how to handle certain situations better.   Along the way, he helps and impacts those who have helped him as well. 
The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes is a nice story about a young boys experience in second grade.  This book would make a great second grade classroom read aloud.  This book is also a good read for children grades 2-4. 

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