Monday, July 29, 2013


Lately, I've read three or four books featuring families that fall on hard times and find themselves homeless, struggling on the streets, and ending up in shelters.  So I was curious when the great author Blue Balliett decided to cover this topic in her new book Hold Fast.  

Early and her family live in a small apartment collecting words and poetry when her father isn't off working as a library page (someone who shelves the books).  His love of language is his great connection to his daughter Early and they all fantasize about the day when they will have their own house to fill with their favorite words.  All Early's dreams are shattered one day when her father mysteriously disappears, mean men come and ransack their apartment, and her mother carts Early and her brother off to the homeless shelter.  While her mother does her own detective work, Early tries to unravel the threads cloaking her father's disappearance and keeping a cool head. 

Balliett achieves another poetic masterpiece, and is a great read for grades 5 and up. 

JUNE 2013

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