Wednesday, July 03, 2013


a book review by our special guest reviewer Adarsh, age 10:

Mason Dixon is an only child, which gives Mason trouble. His parents insist on getting him a pet to keep him company, but he does not want a pet. He first gets a goldfish, because his friend Brody has a goldfish named Albert.  Mason names his goldfish, Goldfish.  But he feeds Goldfish twice a day instead of once, because he misheard the pet store owner.  So Goldfish dies of overfeeding.  His parents next get him a hamster.  Mason names his hamster, Hamster. But as soon as he and Brody dress the hamster in a homemade pirate costume, the hamster runs away.  They next get him a cat, which sits on his lap, and when he needed to use the restroom, he could not get up because of the cat.  Because Brody’s parents work he comes to Mason’s house and Brody’s allergic to cats.  

So they return the cat and get Mason a three – legged – dog, which he names Dog.  Do you think Mason started liking pets?  Read the book to find out what happens next! 
Mason Dixon by Claudia Mills is recommended for 4th-6th grade children.

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