Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A review from Mr. B.  of the Grandview Branch: 

Yes, ParaNorman was a movie first, and a DVD well worth checking out from the library. Kimmel has taken Chris Butler’s witty script and turned it into a free-standing, enjoyable comic-adventure horror novel. Seventh grader Norman Babcock (whose favorite movie is Dawn of the Dead) has the ability to communicate with dead souls, animal and human. This amazing talent makes him a prime object of Middle School bad jokes, pranks, and bullying.  But, it comes in handy as the 300th anniversary of the local Witch Trial approaches, and the spirit of their local condemned witch (an innocent 10 year old girl) returns seeking vengeance. 

Adult fans of horror and comedy-horror (think Scooby Doo) will recognize the traditional elements: ghosts and Zombies both silly and terrifying; a ghostly visit to the trial 300 years ago; the slapstick between Norman and the ghosts; Norman’s classroom bully Alvin; Norman’s glued-to-her-cell phone older sister; Norman’s insistent, persistent, insult resistant over-weight friend Neil; Neil’s “Perfection-in-a-Towel“ older brother; and a host of adults who just don’t understand. Also present are the not very subtle but very well played themes of trust, friendship, tolerance, and acceptance, all in an easy to read, funny, riveting, and sometimes moving adventure package. Read the book; see the movie; share the fun.   ParaNorman by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel.   

Reading Level 4th-8th.

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