Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Sasha Zaichik wants nothing more than to be a Young Pioneer and follow his father’s example. Growing up in the Communist regime, Sasha admires Stalin and looks forward to his responsibilities and duties as a Young Pioneer.  The night before the Young Pioneer ceremony, his father was arrested for being a traitor.  After his father’s arrest, everything Sasha believes about his hero Stalin and the regime all become ambiguous.

Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin is a heartfelt story about a 10-year-old boy witnessing injustice in his country.  With the arrest of his father, he has no one to turn to for help but himself.  This 2012 Newberry Honor Medal Book is highly recommended for students who enjoy historical fiction.  The reading level is appropriate for grades 4 and up.   Students who have learned world history will better relate to Sasha’s character. 

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