Monday, December 09, 2013


Ruby is an extraordinary,  super code cracker who is desired by Harvard but really in her heart she wants to be a detective.   Ruby Redfort:  Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child is a too cool for school girl who only wears t-shirts with witty sayings. She has wealthy parents, a great nanny/cook, chauffeur and a very best friend.  Sounds like a great girl with a great life, eh? Well life has a way of changing things around when you least expect it.  

When a secret spy agency taps her to break a special code, she finds it absolutely boring and is itching to do some real field work and follow the clues no matter where they may lead her... like to The Jade of Bhuttan, a very special object that will be exhibited in her town.  

Although Ruby is an appealing character, this book starts slowly before all the action starts but for those who enjoy Clarice Bean, the quirky humor of this slightly hipster 13 yr. old detective will be very appealing.  

For readers in 4th -6th grades.  

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