Friday, December 27, 2013


This book is pact with appetizing pictures and fun facts about the different countries and their eating habits.  There are twenty-five families from twenty-one countries and each family is featured with a detailed description of their circumstances and their eating habits and the types of food that they prepare and put on their tables. The countries were picked arbitrary and the author has visited each country personally.  The subtle message is that we as people buy so much food that it is impossible to consume all, while there are are countries that do not have enough resources to even have one simple dinner on the table.  The book is pack with graphics and pictures that depict each family's country and family life.  Food is always a great subject to explore, however what is very neat about this book is that instead of checking out multiple books about the different countries eating habits, you can just read this book and your curious appetite will be satisfied.  What the World Eats by Peter Menzel and Faith D' Aluisio

For grades 3 and up.  

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