Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Old Lower Grange was buried under water 12 years ago, the same day that Cassie's family rushed to the hospital because she came 2 months early.  Everyone in town says that New Lower Grange is better.  Cassie's not sure she agrees.  There is something about Old Lower Grange that she obsesses over.  As a child, she learned all about Atlantis, wondering if her town would become a lost world.  Her mother told her to stop obsessing.  That time moves on and progress calls.  The past was drowned and now it's time to look towards the future.  Cassie knows, though, that even though you drown things, not everything stays underwater where you want it to.

Join Cassie and her friend Liam as they solve the mystery of Lower Grange that no one knew even existed until the water started drying up and Old Lower Grange tried to meet New Lower Grange.  Below by Meg McKinlay is for kids in grades 4 and up.

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